05 January 2015

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Answered why did it took 100 years for Indian Science Congress to discuss ancient science

Answered why did it took 100 years for Indian Science Congress to discuss ancient science

Computer scientist Vijay Bhatkar while addressing a symposium on "Ancient Indian Sciences through Sanskrit", at the 102nd Indian Science Congress, underway in Mumbai asked the following question

We observe that it is for the very first time in 102 years at the Indian Science Congress, that we have discussed ancient science. Why did it take 100 years for us to do so?"

Why did it take 100 years to realize that this is a very important issue of science?"

Answer –

Ancient science text was written in Sanskrit language
Only upper caste people were allowed to learn Sanskrit
Females were not allowed to learn and study
Reason - caste system

Majority will agree that ancient Indians did not teach their sons also about their knowledge
Reason only they know
But we can guess that they were selfish and not ready to share their knowledge with their own kids.

Majority Indians always believed in magic and not science
Today also situation is same
Just see around you and you will find the business of magic, astrology, Jadu and tona flourishing

You can even see our politicians visiting astrologers, religious places to win elections.

No one is ready to discuss about Science

You may not like but majority Indians believe in God and Magic and they think nothing is going change or happen because of Science

Science is considered secondary and it is useful to study only to get an admission in engineering or medical colleges
After that study of science ends for Indians

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Monday, January 05, 2015

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Destination Infinity January 05, 2015  

Maybe a lot of Indians still don't believe in Science as a magic-wand-to-end-all-the-problems?

Destination Infinity

Renu January 07, 2015  

Modern science and and ancient knowledge can go hand in hand..

Bikram January 07, 2015  

I am sure ancient science still gives a surprise now and then to the modern scientists