13 October 2014

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BJP to ban Pakistani Actors Singers from Acting in Bollywood Movies

BJP to ban Pakistani Actors Singers from Acting in Bollywood Movies

Sanjay Upadhyay, vice-president, BJP, Mumbai unit told to media that
They would protest against the release of Kill Dil as it features a Pakistani face.
“After the state assembly elections, we will be launching a stir because whatever is happening at the border is shocking.
Our film industry provides employment to so many people from Pakistan but do they give our actors an opportunity in their films?
The producers and directors need to understand that we have ample talent in the country.
Instead of scouting for Pakistani artistes, they should give Indian talent a chance,”
They would oppose tooth and nail any filmmaker or production house giving work to Pakistani actors and singers.
We will ensure that this practice stops.
They need to respect our country,”

Hope they will make law regarding this banning the acting and singing of Pakistani people in India

If there is no law regarding this then people must enjoy the freedoms

If one Pakistani soldier kills 1 Indian Man
Send our Army and kill 1000 Pakistani and you will see that whole India is standing behind you

Hope Supreme Court of India and Bombay High Court will protect the freedoms of Indian citizens.

Learn to think intelligently
Think about Democracy and Freedoms
First they will take one right then second right and this continues all the time

Always Vote for Human Rights and Democracy

Just Think

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Monday, October 13, 2014

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rudraprayaga October 15, 2014  

War and murders take away the lives of innocent ones for no fault of theirs. Whether Pak or Indian or any other citizen why to spoil their quiet.If people kill the animosity in them we can view peace everywhere. As far as talent is concerned give and take process will expand its horizon.