10 October 2014

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AgustaWestland Scam No Corruption Two year jail for wrong invoice

AgustaWestland Scam No Corruption Two year jail for wrong invoice

Former Finmeccanica CEO Giuseppe Orsi and former CEO of the AgustaWestland helicopter-making subsidiary Bruno Spagnolini were acquitted Thursday of international corruption charges alleging the defense giant had secured the 560 million-euro ($670 million) deal with bribes.

Helicopter Scam - Rs 3,600 crore VVIP chopper deal

They were convicted of false invoicing and sentenced to two years.

Italian news agency Ansa reported following
“Former Finmeccannica CEO Giuseppe Orsi and ex-AgustaWestland head Bruno Spagnolini were acquitted of charges of international corruption in relation to alleged bribes paid to land a contract to sell 12 helicopters to the Indian government,”
“The prosecution found the company had nothing to do with the alleged corruption”. Quoting a statement by Finmeccanica, it said, “AgustaWestland has agreed to pay a fine

False Invoice by an International Company?

Ready to pay fine also

Jail for False Invoice

The simple idea is not to call the witnesses, not to present the evidence and case gets solved and everyone comes clean

It Happens in India
It Happens in Italy

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Friday, October 10, 2014

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rudraprayaga October 10, 2014  

It happens in Sonia's countries.