26 September 2014

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Poem True Friend Mr. Nobody

Poem True Friend Mr. Nobody

Today, life is like a Deserted Land
For power, prestige and penny
We run through a tremendous agony

Its wealth at the cost of health
Its wealth at the cost of Rest
Its wealth at the cost of everything --- That is best

I am Mr. Nobody, your true friend
You might take my words as waste
More useful for dustbin test

Perhaps, you are not wrong
Perhaps, you are not at fault
You have no time to apply your mind
You are busy minting coin
You are busy, facing one more ruin.

A ruin of fast life that has lost its pace
A run of complex life that has buried its real face
A complex life with full of tension
A complex life that spreads pollution

Stress and Threats, worries and queries
You need to think and make a haste
For Good Health, Strong Mind and
Fulfillment of your real needs

I have a solution that’s quick and clean
It’s a world with magic things
Its world with magic things
It’s a world with magic deeds
Wait and see the magic play
Its magic world which very rare
Where you can spend your Real hour

I am there to greet you well
It’s just the beginning
I will come again to nourish your feelings

Your true friend
Mr. Nobody

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Friday, September 26, 2014

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