14 September 2014

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Bollywood Star Aamir Khan may become Rajya Sabha member

Bollywood Star Aamir Khan may become Rajya Sabha member

While speaking at the Panchayat AajTak programme organized by the India Today Group Bollywood Star Aamir Khan said that
Asked whether he would like to be nominated to the Rajya Sabha like cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and actress Rekha, Aamir said, "I won't comment on what they are doing.
They are my friends. But if such opportunity arises, I will think whether I can contribute to society at that point of time in a better way or not.
If that happens, I will be there every day.

Now Aamir Khan is ready to Join politics and become a Rajya Sabha member
Now let us see which political party offers him a seat in Rajya Sabha that is Upper House

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

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RNSANE September 14, 2014  

From what I understand, Rekha has been a bit remiss in her responsibilities in the political arena. If Aamir Khan plans to be in attendance daily, that is a good start, I think.

Destination Infinity September 14, 2014  

I think people like Aamir Khan should be elected to Rajya Sabha. He has all the credentials to be there.

Destination Infinity