09 August 2014

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UP Khap Panchayat Bans Jeans Mobile Phone for girls females not males boys

UP Khap Panchayat Bans Jeans Mobile Phone for girls females not males boys

Supreme Court of India has already declared Khap Panchayat are illegal in India.

But still Khap Panchayats rule in India fearlessly as no one has power in India to stop them.

The panchayat of Gujjar community was held at Jadwad village yesterday.
And Panchayat gave the orders which banning wearing of jeans and use of mobile phones by unmarried girls.

As per media reports Panchayat also said that eve-teasing incidents had increased due to "objectionable" clothes worn by girls.

The real reason is male mind is dirty for eve teasing males need to be punished needs to be given harsh punishments setting examples in society but nothing happens in India.

Eve teasing is celebrated by males and even it is shown romantically in Bollywood movies encouraging the eve teasing
Bollywood Movie = Hero + Heroine + eve teasing by hero which includes everything grabbing everything

Hope sometimes Bollywood will show the reality what happens when someone grabs the girl does she falls in love or hides in her home or cries or hits that man

As per Bollywood Mantra grabbing means after that girl falls in love with the boy.

India needs the law which will say that assembling for the Khap Panchayat is illegal and all the members of Khap Panchayat who attend such meeting will be sent to Jail for 50 years.

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Saturday, August 09, 2014

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