06 August 2014

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RIP Marathi Actress Smita Talwalkar Dies

RIP Marathi Actress Smita Talwalkar Dies
Short Biography of Marathi Actress Smita Talwalkar

Notable figure in the Marathi film industry, stage and screen actress Smita Talwalkar, who won acclaim in theater, film and television passed away on Wednesday.
She was 59.

Reason of Death – Cancer
Talwalkar breathed her last at Mumbai's Jaslok hospital, where she was being treated for cancer.

Under the banner of 'Asmita Chitra', Talwalkar had produced many films and television soap operas

Short Biography of Marathi Actress Smita Talwalkar

Name - Smita Talwalkar
Born - 5 September
Died – 6 August 2014
Occupation -     Actress, Producer, Director

Year - 2010
Smita Talwalkar suffered from ovarian cancer and fought it back successfully with chemotherapy
She died fighting to her illness on August 6, 2014 at Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai.

She married at the age of 17
Her son Amber Talwalkar is one the directors of Talwalkars, a major chain of health club in India.
Amber is married to actress Sulekha Talwalkar
Smita's daughter Arti also works in film industry as an editor and handles post-production works at Asmita Chitra.

She worked in the following movies as actress
1986     - Tu Saubhagyavati Ho
1986    Gadbad Ghotala
1989    Kalat Nakalat
1991     Chaukat Raja
1993    Shivrayachi Soon Tararani
2008     Checkmate                
2010     Topi Ghala Re        
2011     Adgula Madgula       
2011     Ek Hoti Wadi            
2011     Janma
2012     Shyamche Vadi
2012     Ya Gol Gol Dabyatla       
2013     Prem Mhanje Prem Mhanje Prem Asta

She produced the following movies –
1989    Kalat Nakalat
1991     Chaukat Raja
1993     Sawat Mazhi Ladki
1998     Tu Tithe Mee        
2004     Saatchya Aat Gharat        
2006     Anandache Jhaad

She produced the following television serials
1998 Un Paus
2009     Katha Ek Aanadichi    
2009     Ardhangini
2011–    Suvasini
2011–Unch Maaza Zoka    

She won the following awards
 37th National Film Awards for 1989 - Kalat Nakalat - As producer in Best Feature Film in Marathi category

46th National Film Awards for 1998 - Tu Tithe Mee - As producer in Best Feature Film in Marathi category

3-1992 - Maharashtra State Film Awards - Second Best Feature Film for Sawat Mazhi Ladki

1999 - Ga Di Ma Award of Maharashtra Kamgar Sahitya Parishad for the film Tu Tithe Mee

5-2010-11 - V. Shantaram Special Contribution Award by Maharashtra Government

6- 2012 - Ma-Ta Sanmaan as Best Serial for Suvasini

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

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Anonymous,  August 07, 2014  

May her soul rest in peace! A wonderful actor and producer!

Usha August 11, 2014  

I feel so sad to read that Smita Talwalkar is no more....she was just 59....after fighting her cancer successfully it returned back...I still have a clear memory of her as Marathi news reader...She was very beautiful and graceful actress.