09 August 2014

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Microsoft Home Page how it looked in 1994 20 years back

Microsoft Home Page how it looked in 1994 20 years back

Twenty years ago, there was no Facebook, of course, no eBay, no Amazon, no Wikipedia. It was Web less-than-1.0.

In 1994, among the reasons Microsoft started a website was to put its growing Knowledge Base online. At the time, the company managed support forums for customers on CompuServe, one of the earliest major Internet dial-up service providers.

Microsoft.com, among the earliest commercial websites, has been on the Web for 20 years
The first Microsoft.com home page, in 1994: Mark Ingalls, the first administrator of Microsoft.com, says at that time, using the slow dial-up connections of the era

“Steve Heaney and I put together PERL scripts that handled a lot of these daily publishing duties for us,” he says. “For a while, we ran the site like a newspaper, where we published content twice a day. And if you missed the cutoff for the publishing deadline, you didn’t get it published until the next running of the presses, or however you want to term it.”

There were only a few thousand websites then – compared to nearly 1 billion now – and Microsoft was among them. In the 20 years since it has been on the Web, Microsoft.com has remained in the top 10 most-visited websites worldwide.

“There was this thing called HTML that almost nobody knew.” Information that was submitted for the new Microsoft.com website often came to Ingalls via 3-1/2-inch floppy disks.

To help celebrate the 20th anniversary, Walton and Rupert re-created the 1994 page from scratch, describing it as “sort of like an archaeological dig, digging through dinosaur bones, to find out how they did this then,” says Rupert.

“It seems really simple, but we had to kind of peel back the years and go down to 1994 technology – where your browser doesn’t support images, for example,” he says. “In 1994, it was more of a triumph to have a Web page in and of itself, whether or not an image was attached.”

Below is a photo showing Microsoft Home Page 20 years back 
Home Page 1994

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Throwback Thursday: Microsoft.com 1994 Home Page

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Usha August 11, 2014  

good to see 20 year back home page of Microsoft....I started using internet in year 1998, we used to have AOL dial up connection...so much progress has been made since 1994 in computers and web technologies.

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 11, 2014  

Microsoft had tough competition from mobiles. It nearly ended.
But, Microsoft again has come up; nearly from scratch with Windows 8 system.
Windows 8 tiles were criticized by many. The concept of similar tiles on all devices was laughed at. But today, these critics have eaten those words and use Windows 8 system hidden from everyone.

Latest Tips August 12, 2014  

Today technology has changed a lot. well where have you got this capture....