09 August 2014

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9 Reasons to Support Sachin Tendulkar Rekha regarding absence from Rajya Sabha

9 Reasons to Support Sachin Tendulkar and Rekha regarding absence from Rajya Sabha

Congress Party nominated former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and actress Rekha to Rajya Sabha

For whatever reasons Congress nominated them but it was the good action of Congress Party.

Last few days political parties are shouting regarding absence of Sachin and Rekha from the Rajya Sabha

Sachin Tendulkar and yesteryears Bollywood star Rekha on Friday came under attack in Rajya Sabha for attending the house for only three and seven days, respectively, since their nomination two years back.

As per Article 104 of the Constitution, if a member is absent from either House of Parliament for a period of 60 days then the seat is considered vacant. In case of Sachin Tendulkar, he has not attended the Parliament for 40 days whereas Rekha's absence is less than this," he observed, adding, "Both the members have not violated Constitutional provisions."

Thus both members have not violated the law.

Now why we should support Sachin Tendulkar and Rekha

Following are reasons we must support Sachin and Rekha

Both have not violated the law, they are not absent for sixty days.

Both are great in their fields.

Both got the clean image

Never heard name of Sachin in any financial scam

Never heard name of Rekha in any financial Scam

Never heard Sachin beating any one, he is a law abiding citizen

Never heard Rekha beating any one she is a law abiding citizen

Never heard name of Sachin Tendulkar in any scam or corruption scam
Never heard name of Rekha in any scam or corruption scam

If political parties are upset over Sachin and Rekha not attending Rajya Sabha then they should change the law and bring a law which will make 90% attendance in Rajya Sabha compulsory

Currently Rekha and Sachin has not violated any law by staying absent from Rajya Sahba.

If Sachin and Rekha both resign from the Rajya Sabha seat what will happen?

There is a chance that the next member will not be as good as Sachin and Rekha.

Do you want a person in Rajya Sabha who beats common citizens?

Do you want a person in Rajya Sabha who is involved in Bank Scam or other corruption scam?

Sorry I do not want such person in Rajya Sabha

Hope Sachin and Rekha will never resign from their membership and will hold that position unless and until Congress party keeps them.

Support Sachin and Rekha because both are law abiding citizens of India just like you and me

We are at bottom they are on top that’s the difference

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Saturday, August 09, 2014

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Unknown August 09, 2014  

When Members of parliament nominated from sports or cinema fields with their full consent, the should show respect to the parliament by attending to the sessions, observe the proceedings and raise the issues relevant to their areas. Other wise, it is giving impressions that they have more important and interesting issues other than their responsibilities as Member of Parliament. There is no dearth of of more eminent and service oriented people who can be nominated.

T.K.G.NAMBIAR August 10, 2014  

I think I can put 99 points against your 9 points to support Sachin or Rekha! The first point is that "they have not violated the Laws".. You want us to wait for 60 days and get the 'laws violated' and then proceed to initiate action!! Prevention is better for any 'disease'. The Parliament is in session hardly for 60-70 days in a year out of which these great personalities are absent for 40 days by now. Why they have become MPs if they knew that they can not attend the Parliament; they have "MORE IMPORTANT' and "MONEY MINTING" engagements outside. Those engagements will surely be more lucrative than the allowance you get for "sitting" in the Parliament! If you have time to watch Wimbledon, inaugurate Malls and shops, show rooms, attend award ceremonies, fulfil commitments on ad films, and oblige as HIGHLY PAID BRAND AMBASSADORS, you should have time to attend the RS also. POINT NO: 2; No dispute - both are great in their respective fields; but what about the ordinary, poor slum living man, who find it difficult to have meals twice a day. We the poor are looking at the "temple of democracy" the parliament, for Laws to be drafted, discussed and passed for our betterment... and that is what you are selected and sent to RS.. Don't forget that.POINT NO: 3: CLEAN IMAGE; I, for one, don't understand the meaning of 'clean image'. These two words were earlier heard for politicians who were later found to have questionable deeds. What is 'clean' ? Evading your responsibility and appear in the media with artificial smiles and laughing through out the day and night? No: 4 and 5 FINANCIAL SCAM: Nobody has ever told that they were involved in any scam and hence does not deserve any reply. 6:and 7 Not involved any 'beating' ...is good. And law-abiding.. yes they should be law-abiding like any other Indian!! Otherwise .... 8. and 9: Both are not corrupt! It is good for them. Not involved in any SCAM, fine. They should not get involved in any SCAM.
Now my dear sir, If they knew that they will not be able to do justice to the Parliament and through it to our great Nation - India, why should they have accepted the 'most coveted honour' in the first place? As a decoration; to boast that "I am a Parliamentarian"? I pity them, for having forgotten that they have been nominated to one of the most prestigious temples of the country? Let them do justice to the poor, not think of making money and widening popularity all the time!!!!