26 August 2014

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know Seventeen Interesting facts about Television Industry

know Seventeen Interesting facts about Television Industry

Following are the 17 interesting facts about television industry

In year 1926, J.L. Baird first displayed television which had only 30 lines and gave coarse image. Currently the digital signal of the television sends pictures with 1080 lines.

Cable television (originally called CATV or community antenna television) was developed in the late 1940's for communities unable to receive TV signals because of terrain or distance from TV stations.  Cable television system operators located antennas in areas with good reception, picked up broadcast station signals and then distributed them by coaxial cable to subscribers for a fee.

The television advertisement first broadcasted on 1st July, 1941 in New York. The advertisement was for Bulova Watch for 20 seconds.
It was aired before a game of baseball played between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Brooklyn Dodgers. The cost of air buy during that time was only $9.

In 1950, cable systems operated in only 70 communities in the United States.  These systems served 14,000 homes.

The Federal Communications Commission first established rules in 1965 for cable systems which received signals by microwave antennas.  In 1966, the Commission established rules for all cable systems (whether or not served by microwave).  The Supreme Court affirmed the Commission's jurisdiction over cable in United States v. Southwestern Cable Co., 392 U.S.  157 (1968).  The Court ruled that "the Commission has reasonably concluded that regulatory authority over CATV is imperative if it is to perform with appropriate effectiveness certain of its responsibilities."  The Court found the Commission needed authority over cable systems to assure the preservation of local broadcast service and to effect an equitable distribution of broadcast services among the various regions of the country.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone were the first couple to be shown in bed together on prime-time television.

99% of houses in USA have a TV.

NASA has announced that they have lost all of their original tapes of Apollo 11’s TV transmission in August, 2006.

The late late show of Ireland which started in 1962 and The Tonight Show which started in 1954 are the longest running talk show in the world.

Sony began selling VCRs in 1970 that was capable of recording the television shows.
However, Sony was sued by the film studios for copyright piracy.
Later on Sony won the case

In 1982, Color television was launched by Doordarshan, during Asian Games hosted by India.

In the 80’s both Ramayana and Mahabharata were the popular shows with record viewership.
As there was no option no competition from any side and India was a very poor nation today also India is not rich but India has improved its position

In 1992, 5 new channels were introduced in the Indian market by Hong Kong based Star TV.

In 1995, Zee TV entered the cable television market in India.

In 1996, there were more than 50 channels available to Indian viewers.

In 2002-03, more international channels such as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, VH1, Disney were launched in India.

Authentic news channels such as Aaj Tak and Star News started in India
STAR News was launched on 18 February 1998.
From 2003 STAR News became a complete Hindi News Channel.
India Today group launched a 24-hour Hindi news Channel, Aaj Tak, in December 2000

Direct to home (DTH) was launched in India in the year 2005.

In 2010, HD channels were launched in India.

In developed countries television shows viewing timing is decreasing and more and more people are using internet broadband to watch movies and videos, live shows, in short everything
Fewer households have TV because they are watching video on mobile devices instead.
About 40% of all YouTube traffic comes from mobile.
People who are unplugging from both cable TV and broadband internet are likely going to free wifi.
Free wifi makes it possible to watch shows, movies and videos without subscribing to any kind of cable or broadband service
All of Starbucks offers free wifi
Fifty-seven cities in the U.S., including Los Angeles, offer free wifi.

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