22 June 2014

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Two Swiss Banks hold two third of all Swiss money of Indians 43% Increase in one year

Two Swiss Banks hold two third of all Swiss money of Indians 43% Increase in one year

As per media reports UBS and Credit Suisse appear to be accounting for almost two third of the total money held by Indians in Swiss banks

There are 283 banks in Switzerland

2.02 billion Swiss francs [Rs.14, 000 crore] Indian money in Swiss banks

43% rise over last year

10,000 crore or about 68% of the total money held by UBS and Credit Suisse

Rs. 500 Crore held by Indian clients in savings and deposit accounts

Rs. 11,000 Crore have been classified by Swiss banks as other amounts due to customers

Rs.850 Crore held by Swiss banks in other banks on behalf of Indian Clients

Initially money in Swiss bank got decreased but later money kept increasing


Reason is simple Indian laws and Indian system gave the indirectly gave the protection to the people who kept black money or money gotten by cheating Indian tax system

They become fearless and now result is Indian money is increasing in Swiss Banks

Just one law can change everything in India one reform

But it’s not going to happen

As corruption runs in our blood if does not run in your blood then you are a God

Suggested Reform Law –

No Indian is allowed to open a bank account in other nations without the prior permission of RBI.

If any Indian is found holding such accounts he must declare to RBI in 1 month period after that if Indian Government comes to know about any amount

It will be confiscated by Government of India and that Indian citizen will be sent to jail for 75 years for keeping, maintaining a bank account in other country without the permission of RBI

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

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Destination Infinity June 22, 2014  

I think this Govt. promised to bring black money back to India during polls. What have they done until now?

Destination Infinity

Anonymous,  June 23, 2014  

Govt should not only see current open account, but must also trace back all "CLOSED" or "TRANSFERED" accounts in past 5-10 years.... those will be really very helpful

SM June 25, 2014  


yes agree with you must check past accounts