20 June 2014

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Record 50% electricity of Germany Produced using Solar Renewable Energy

Record 50% electricity of Germany Produced using Solar Renewable Energy

Germany produced a record 50 percent of its electricity needs through solar panel at the start of June, breaking a huge milestone on its march to renewable energy.

The success of Germany’s solar production lies with encouraging people to install them on their roof tops

Analysis from the Fraunhofer ISE research institute showed solar panels in Germany generated a record 24.24 GW of electricity between 1pm and 2pm on Friday, June 6th.

And on Monday June 9th, which was a national holiday, solar power production peaked at 23.1 GW, which equalled 50.6 percent of total electricity demand - setting another milestone.

With this success Germany will need more storage capacities to store the solar energy

Germany is on its way clearly showing that when a country has a will it can say Bye Bye to Nuclear Energy

Why Indian Government is not interested in Solar Energy?

The answer is very simple what your heart says is right

Nothing happens and nothing is done in India unless it comes with a Bag

Indian government can also bring a law which can make it a mandatory for every building and bungalow to install a solar Panels on its roofs

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Friday, June 20, 2014

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Destination Infinity June 20, 2014  

They have money, they are able to buy solar panels. Their per-capita income is very high. But in India, we are still dealing with basic issues, hence we are not able to invest in solar panels, etc. In a way it's good, we'll buy solar panels after it becomes more affordable - solar energy costs keeps decreasing every year!

Destination Infinity

SM June 21, 2014  

@Destination Infinity

We got money for nuclear power but not for solar