28 June 2014

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Principal K K Urmila Devi transferred punished for standing up against Health Minister

Principal K K Urmila Devi transferred punished for standing up against Health Minister

The incident took place on June 16 when Education Minister P K Abdu Rabb arrived for a function at the Government Girls’ Higher Secondary School, Cotton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram three hours behind schedule.

He was scheduled to attend the inauguration ceremony of an English club at the school at 9. 30 am.

When the minister did not turn up until 11. 30 am, 55 year old principal K K Urmila Devi, who was waiting at the gate with the school students, assigned the reception duty to the additional principal and went back to her office for meetings.

She suffers from a serious brain ailment, for which she has been undergoing treatment for the past four years.

When the minister finally reached the school at 12.30 pm, he was upset on seeing the gates closed.

The gates were opened by the minister’s security staff.

Later at the function, the principal in her address pointed out that programmes attended by VIPs should be organized in such a manner that they do not disrupt class hours.

On June 20, she got a showcause notice from the education department, seeking an explanation on why the school gates were closed when the minister arrived and why she spoke against him for coming late.

Although the notice demanded a reply in 15 days, the department transferred her earlier this week.

Thus once again our Indian system punished the innocent person

Now Devi has moved an appeal in the state administrative tribunal, said, “No one told me that a school headmistress should receive a minister at the gate.”

Indian Express reported that Devi said she was targeted because she belonged to a Scheduled Caste community. “I am the first Dalit to become the principal of this school (one of the largest in Kerala in terms of students). Many PTA members could not stomach a Dalit as school headmistress. I got transfer to the school on health ground. It is cruel that a disciplinary action was taken without hearing my side,” she said.

Function time = 9.30 am

Minister reached at 12.30 PM

If this happens in your office what will happen if you reach  office late

India needs to reform the laws
India needs to remove and take away all the discretionary powers of elected politicians

As per Indian law they do not have any accountability then why to give them power.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

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Renu June 28, 2014  

I hope she gets justice..

Destination Infinity June 28, 2014  

Why do people vote for such ministers?

Destination Infinity