30 April 2014

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Video NRI Kartikeya dares stops Union Minister K Chiranjeevi jumping voting queue

Video NRI Kartikeya dares stops Union Minister K Chiranjeevi jumping voting queue

Jumping and braking queue is an Indian habit we can see that everywhere in India

Bus queue, train queue who follows, even its difficult to find a queue

NRI Kartikeya from Cambridge , london  came to India to cast his vote.
And he did what very few Indians can dare to do or think about of doing that

Kartikeya, a young voter, on Wednesday stopped Union Tourism Minister K Chiranjeevi from jumping the queue to cast his vote in Hyderabad.

Kartikeya asked Chiranjeevi, "Do you need a special treatment?"

Watch the video NRI Kartikeya stops Union Minister K Chiranjeevi jumping voting queue

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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rudraprayaga April 30, 2014  

Politicians never take for granted that they are there at the mercy of common man.Once they are in power they cling to the chair like leech
kicking away the voter until he goes for the next turn.Thank u or the info. and video.

Rama Ananth April 30, 2014  

He has t he audacity of claiming that he merely walked inside to check whether his name was there in the list. This kind of attitude in this era with media watching everything, these people never seem to realize, that such actions would always put them in a spot.
Plus I also saw a lot of normal people who were waiting to vote giving him and his family the way so that they can go ahead and vote cutting the line.People are also responsible for ministers continuing to behave in such shameful manner
As a minister, he should have had better sense than what he displayed.
Even I would have objected if I had seen anybody cutting the line and moving ahead.
These ministers should realize that they are there to serve usand not the other way round.

Unknown April 30, 2014  

Very smart everyone is equal.

Bikram May 01, 2014  

WELL DONE to the man .. the thing is all these politicians and others when they come aborad they do everything by the book, they stand in queues and all .. but they wont in india .. because They dont give a damn about their own country ..

no wonder the nation is in such a turmoil

SHAME on them


Destination Infinity May 01, 2014  

Here, Ajith and Shalini, famous actors in Tamil cinema chose not to go ahead of the line, when people requested them to go! I am sure the minister was embarrassed, that too in front of the cameras. No wonder he was trying to manage the situation :) Kudos to the bravery of the guy who raised the question.

Destination Infinity

Destination Infinity May 01, 2014  

It just took some 10 minutes for me to vote, BTW :)

Destination Infinity