25 April 2014

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US Judgement Voter ID law is unconstitutional strikes down the voter ID law

US Judgement Voter ID law is unconstitutional strikes down the voter ID law

What was the Voter ID law?

The voter ID measure requires that voters present a limited range of government-approved forms of identification. Out-of-state college IDs, for instance, are not allowed. Voters without ID must cast provisional ballots, then go to the county clerk to affirm that they’re too “indigent” to afford ID.

The law was approved last year by Arkansas’ GOP-controlled legislature, but it was vetoed by Gov. Mike Beebe, a Democrat, who said it “unnecessarily restricts and impairs our citizens’ right to vote.” Lawmakers then overrode Beebe’s veto.

Arkansas law would have

1-    Required Photo IDs

2-Banned out of state college IDs

3-New Proof requirement for low income voters

Just reading the above law one can say that the law is not good is against natural justice

The law had been challenged by the Pulaski County Election Commission.
A separate challenge was filed last week by the ACLU of Arkansas.

Fox’s opinion cited an 1865 ruling by the state Supreme Court, holding that laws depriving qualified voters of the right to vote are unconstitutional.

Now a judge has struck down Arkansas’s voter ID law, ruling that it violates the right to vote guaranteed in the state’s constitution.

Now in India what happens our Indian citizens got the voter ID they go to polling booth and what happens they are kicked out of polling booth saying that there name is not present in the voters list

Does it mean that they are not Indian citizens?

India needs a law which will say that any person who got the voter ID card should get right to vote, if he is kicked out of polling booth without any courts order in such case that Indian citizen will be rewarded Rupees 1 Crore from Government of India for the denial of constitutional right

But in India nothing happens as citizens are good as good slaves of the politicians, for just a one day citizens become king and rest of the time they are controlled by the politicians

Hope Supreme Court of India will take some action on the missing names of citizens from the voting list?

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Friday, April 25, 2014

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Bikram April 25, 2014  

thank you for sharing SM :) in india its a different problem, our leaders want to ADD more names to the list even if they dont exist ..