25 February 2014

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What’s other name of India? Other than Bharat and Hindustan

What’s other name of India? Other than Bharat and Hindustan

Few people call India as a Bharat, few call it Hindustan but there is one more name for India

What’s that other name?

Other name is Delay for India


How many Indians attend the meetings on time?

For every good law India has to wait, all good laws get delayed

Example –
Lokpal Bill, Jan Lokpal Bill -  took more than 60 years to become a law
Women reservation bill
And many more

Now Judiciary and Police Department?

Chargesheet filing – In many criminal cases chargesheet filing gets delayed and accused gets bail after 90 days

Regarding Judgement -
Delay, reserved all important judgments

Delayed all important judgments get delayed, get reserved
Why I never understand

Example –
LGBT case, after four years judgment came which made or labeled LGBT community as criminal community

Many other top cases you will find same
Judgment reserved by the Honorable Judge
You will never know why the judgement was reserved?

Arm Forces of India and Delay

Buying weapons for arm forces of India
Delay every deal gets delayed always

Constructing Roads and Rail lines for the Arm Forces of India
Delayed, 10 years on papers
They fight who will pay for the construction of Rail lines which will help Arm Forces of India

International Cases -
Example Italian Marine Case - After 2 years still no chargesheet
Cannot even decide on which sections to charge them

It’s better hand them over to Italian court and let the Italian Court decide case
I am sure they will get punishment in Italian court also

Thus other name for INDIA can be a Delay

What you think about other name for India that is Delay

Just an attempt to say the reality

Reality views by sm –

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Destination Infinity February 25, 2014  

Many things may get delayed, but they eventually happen... It's very difficult to manage a country with 1.4 Billion people! Of course, things could be better, much better.

Destination Infinity