26 February 2014

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Video Operation IPL Spot Fixing Zee Sting 100% IPL Matches Fixed Vindu Dara Singh Sting

Video Operation IPL Spot Fixing Zee Sting 100% IPL Matches Fixed Vindu Dara Singh Sting

Zee News conducted a sting operation Vindu Dara Singh, where he made revelations about spot-fixing in the IPL 6.Are all his allegations (which involve high profile politicians and big shots of India) true?

Zee news aired a sting operation in which Vindu Dara Singh one of the
Accused involved in the 2013 IPL spot-fixing scandal, has made some startling claims

Singh claims that the real battle regarding the IPL lies in the fight between the current chief of the BCCI, N. Srinivasan, and former IPL commissioner, Lalit Modi.

“This entire case is actually a tussle between Modi and Srinivasan.

We have nothing to do with it,” Vindu tells the reporter.
“Lalit Modi just needed a chance to get Srinivasan out.”

Singh goes on to add that he was involved in betting and claims that just as he was being used as a pawn to get to Srinivasan.

“They (cops) said, ‘We know you haven’t done anything, but there’s pressure from Sharad Pawar sahab and until Srinivasan isn’t nabbed you will have to stay.
You will have to stay here for 10-15 days or a month’,” he says.

Singh also says that the IPL is “100 percent fixed” and that he is only aware of one owner who is directly involved in betting, Vijay Mallya. “Barring Vijay Mallya nobody knows anything. Mallya is himself involved in betting, he earns 100-200 crores in IPL,” he says.

Singh claims that Modi, who started the IPL under Sharad Pawar’s watch, rubbed the Congress the wrong way when they took the IPL to South Africa. Back by Pawar, Modi took Shashi Tharoor, an investor in an IPL team, to task and that was the basis for this battling.
Singh’s last statement though, raises questions. “Sharad Pawar is a ‘great’ man. These people are challenging him and we are getting dragged into it… Today you (media) are taking the fight to him — he can shut your channel,” he says.

Gurunath Meiyappan apparently lost a humongous bet according to Vindu Dara Singh and that is why he got the heat by the media but being N Srinivasan’s son-in-law, all charges have been dissolved.

Watch video of the zee sting Operation IPL spot Fixing Strain of truth in Vindu Dara Singh's allegations

Video –IPL spot-fixing: Are all matches of IPL 6 fixed?

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

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deeps February 26, 2014  

just wondering where the next IPL is heading..!!

Renu February 26, 2014  

murky policitcs!