17 February 2014

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Black Money List against 600 Indians who keep money in tax heaven IT starts prosecution proceedings

Black Money List against 600 Indians who keep money in tax heaven IT starts prosecution proceedings

The database of 600 was first brought out by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in the summer of 2013.

The ICIJ database contains names of a few famous industrial families, some politicians, and several others. These people primarily used the services of Singapore-based Portcullis TrustNet and British Virgin Islands-based Commonwealth Trust Limited for opening offshore financial entities.

Following are the few names of people whose name figure in that list

Lok Sabha MP Vivekanand Gaddam

Rajya Sabha member Vijay Mallya

Industrialists Ravikant Ruia

Industrialists Samir Modi

Industrialists Chetan Burman

Industrialists Abhay Kumar Oswal

Industrialists Rahul Mammen Mappillai

Industrialists Teja Raju

Industrialists Saurabh Mittal

Industrialists Vinod Doshi

Former IAS officer Anil Lakhina

wife of a former Delhi power secretary R K Verma

Gautam Khaitan, whose name has cropped up in the VVIP helicopter scandal,

The income tax department has begun prosecution proceedings against some of the 600 entities of Indian origin who have allegedly laundered money through bogus investments in tax havens either in their name or through their front companies.

These 600 names, whose investments have been allegedly tracked in tax havens, are in addition to the 700 that France had shared with the government in 2011 about Indians having deposits in the Geneva branch of HSBC.

Investigation in the HSBC deposits across Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata among other cities had revealed that the ill-gotten cash belonged to top industrialists, some politicians and other entities, some working as fronts for people yet to be identified.

They just paid the fine and got freedom without any punishments these if you got money the message is that do the corruption , create black money and keep it in other nations if found by government pay the fine
It’s guaranteed that for hiding black money, for not paying taxes you will never ever go to Jail in India for a single day also and furthermore it’s guaranteed that your name will not be revealed in media it will be always kept secret

We Indian citizens do not have right to know the names of Indians who kept the money in tax heavens or who keep black money in other nations

What are the reasons Government does not declare names of such people?

May be government thinks Indians are foolish or mad does not understand anything so it’s prohibited for Indians to know the names

What you think why the names of people are hidden by Government of India

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Monday, February 17, 2014

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