17 February 2014

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AAP Economic Policy Facts from Arvind Kejriwal Question and Answer session at CII

AAP Economic Policy Facts from Arvind Kejriwal Question and Answer session at CII

Today Former Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, AAP chief address a CII meet at a five-star hotel in Delhi.

The meet was basically to put forth the AAP's economic agenda.

Quick look at what he has said in that

Following are the facts in CII meet What Arvind Kejriwal said in his answers

Kejriwal says that if corruption ends prices will come down.

Centre didn't bother to look into issues of industries in Delhi

The government has no business to be in business.

Business should be left to private players.

A small segment of industrialists is looting the country.

We're first class citizens, but victims of third class governance.
We are against crony capitalism, not capitalism.

The government can't give jobs to all.

Jobs must come from the private sector.

Govt policies driving business away.

Colleges should give skills not just degrees

Party completely disagrees with Prashant Bhushan's comments on need to nationalize key sectors.
Prashant Bhushan had said that their political party would adopt a "socialist-type' economic policy, but would not be totally against private sector participation.

We need to encourage business, we have to simplify the system

Need to move away from representative democracy to direct democracy at the local level

99% businessmen want to do business honestly but our system does not allow them to do business honestly, we need to change system
Need to change current policies, system of Indian government

Businessmen want to donate money to AAP, but they fear other political parties who will stop their business

Need to stop license Raj, Inspector Raj from India

Policies of government does not encourage to do business

Need to make the system easy, currently it’s very difficult for everyone to do business honestly
Just to stop the harassment from government officials many businessmen pay the bribe

System is like a blackmail system

Simple Law

Reduce litigation

Direct Democracy - People in city, area will decide how to spend money allotted to the city or city area

Gas 1 dollar expense then how government can pay for 8 Dollar for gas

Electricity Audit is a basic requirement, last 5 years they did not do it we did it in few days

We reduced corruption in Delhi and still they say we don’t know governance
I don’t understand what governance is

Increase in salaries of elected politicians will not reduce the corruption in India
Politicians do corruption of Rs. 500 Crore and more

Create deterrence it will reduce corruption

Privatization needs to be properly monitored by government, otherwise they will also do corruption 

Today everyone is unhappy, everywhere there is corruption and reason is politics has become corrupt
Decontrol business and farmers, government pays less to farmers than their cost

Political donations –
AAP has put the list of donors on its website
But Congress and BJP received funds like 2300 Crore and 800 Crore they take the benefit of law that if payment or donation is less than 20,000 then it’s not compulsory to give or declare the name of the donor to party

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Monday, February 17, 2014

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aativas February 17, 2014  

Some of AK's statements contradict some of his statements. And by the way, when will have AK, YY and Prashant Bhushan arrive at a consensus. They seem to have a lot of scope for discussions and negotiations within AAP.

Rama Ananth February 18, 2014  

He has proved that he is unfit to be a leader/ leave alone the CM, he only knows to agitate a the drop of the hat. I pray he remains just that. People should beware of such people who constantly keep lying and changing their stance to suit themselves.
We are all disappointed by the behavior of Arvind and his gang of riff raff ministers were no better. We have a very watchful media to keep the corrupt ministers in check, so we don't really need a person like Arvind to be our watchdog. left to them, they would turn our country into Egypt, saying revolution will cleanse our system.
So good or bad, A Modi is much better choice than an mad person like Arvind.
I happy that most of the news channels are no longer bothered about them, and everybody seems to have the same opinion about them.