14 January 2014

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In Depth AAJ Tak Operation 440 Exposes Arvinder Lovely Harron others

In Depth AAJ Tak Operation 440 Exposes Arvinder Lovely Harron others

AAJTAK did the sting operation on Congress leaders and few employees of power companies

Aajtak did the sting operation of 2 congress leaders
They are
Arvinder Singh Lovely congress leader
Haroon Yusuf congress leaders
BSES Rajdhani vice Presindet (Opresns) Ajay Kumar
Former Delhi Power Secretary Shakti Sinha

So what happens in this sting operation?

Read the discussions between Reporter and congress politicians and power company employees

The reporter asked the questions and they answer freely what they feel

Arvind Kejriwal government successfully reduced the power prices
Arvind Kejriwal ordered the audit of power companies
Nobody expected that Suddenly Arvind Kejriwal will become one of the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of India
No one expected AAP will do what they are doing now
Majority politicians thought that Once Arvind Kejriwal will become CM he will also become a corrupt

Everyone knows that Congress is giving outside support because they do not have any option
In their soul they feel pain even BJP feels the pain as they once again got title of CM in waiting

No one is as honest as Arvind Kejriwal in this country

What happens in this sting operation you can read now

In this sting operation they discuss this and talk about this and try to say that AAP and Arvind Kejriwal has done nothing   they made false promises to people like this they discuss

In this sting operation
BSES Rajdhani vice Presindet (Opresns) Ajay Kumar says that do audit and even in Gandhi 4 or 5 will be found

Advisor to this company Natrajan says that noting will be come out after this audit

Congress leader Arvinder Singh Lovely says that one can file a corruption case against Arvind Kejriwal
He says that Arvind Kejriwal is lying about electricity

Congress also wanted to give subsidy but Delhi government has no money then how can Kejriwal give the money for subsidty

[SM Question - Congress ruled on Delhi for 15 years, so where is money on which development it was spent]

Aajtak reporter asks lovely about fast electricity meter, lovely says that Congress first started speaking about Fast meters

He further says that CAG audit was also passed by Congress minister

Aajtak reporter says that AAP government may file a CBI case in this matter of electricity

Lovely says that let them do it I am not the director of a power company, this is era of RTI what files CM can read those files are already read by RTI activist, including Kejriwal

Former Congress Minster Harron says that what Kejriwal ministers are doing is not the job of minsters politicians
They do not know how to work

The former Delhi Power Secretary Shakti Sinha believes that the power supply had been rigged and Kejriwal justified.

From above sting operation one can easily understand that  Congress and BJP both parties are fearing that AAP will once again defeat them in Lok Sabha elections in Delhi as well as  nationally

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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रविकर January 15, 2014  

सुन्दर प्रस्तुति-
आभार आदरणीय-

Kirtivasan Ganesan January 15, 2014  

This is a crucial phase. The electricity policy followed by AAP is claimed to be economically unviable by newspapers.
The real test of businessmen begins. Can they allow the country to become uneconomical because of corruption fight? Should they not spell out their political alignment?

DWei January 15, 2014  

Yeah, I also don't think anything will come out of this.