27 January 2014

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How Congress will choose Lok Sabha Candidates for 2014 elections Rahul Gandhi Guidelines

How Congress will choose Lok Sabha Candidates for 2014 elections Rahul Gandhi Guidelines

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has decided to change the method of choosing candidates for Lok Sabha elections 2014

This clearly shows Rahul Gandhi has learned from the AAP party and increases the respect for him who on first day of defeat in assembly elections openly said commented  before press media that  we have to learn from the AAP

Following is the method and ideas which will be implemented by Congress Party as the guidelines set by the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi

To field a maximum number of fresh faces that are active in their constituencies

Election ticket will be given to candidates who are staying in that city or local area where they are residing

Election ticket will not be given to candidates who shifted their base, home from that particular city or area to the capital or bigger cities

The Congress screening committees have been told to evaluate the performance of sitting Members of Parliament (MPs) before considering them for 2014 tickets.
Screening committee heads to finalize guidelines for candidates

the Congress will finalize candidate selection for about 500 Lok Sabha seats three months ahead in advance i.e. by February end and names will be declared

The screening committees will choose three names for each constituency from two lists
A-prepared by 400 observers from all over India who are observing everything
Over the last six months,

Second list – it will be prepared and sent by the Pradesh Congress Committees (PCCs)

Election ticket will be given to candidate only who can win the election

General Secretaries in-charge and senior party leaders from states will compare the two lists and submit them to the screening committees for scrutinizing the names and send recommendations to the central election committee

As an experiment, candidates for 15 Lok Sabha constituencies in 10 states will be selected through a referendum of district and block level party workers and village pradhans.
Pradhan means village chief or village head

Following are the names of  15 constituencies where candidates will be selected through a referendum method

I.    Dhule - Maharashtra

II.    Aurangabad - Maharashtra

III.    Vadodara - Gujarat

IV.    Bhavnagar - Gujarat

V.    Jhunjhunu - Rajasthan

VI.    Indore – Madhya Pradesh

VII.    Hoshangabad – Madhya Pradesh

VIII.    From Uttar Pradesh

IX.    From Karnataka

X.    From Haryana

XI.    From Bihar

XII.    From West Bengal

XIII.    From Assam

As per media reports if this trial experiment succeeds then the referendum method of selecting candidates will apply in all the forthcoming elections.

The referendum method was first used by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for the Delhi assembly elections

Rahul Gandhi's criteria for 2014 candidates casts shadow on future of 100 MPs

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Monday, January 27, 2014

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Renu January 28, 2014  

In theory it all looks good but they but till today they havent punished a single person for corruption..

DWei January 28, 2014  

I bet they'll still find a way to screw things up.

deeps January 28, 2014  

I guess it s easier to formulate such guidlines than bring out positiv results

chary January 29, 2014  

May be its another tactic to rule for next five years

rudraprayaga January 29, 2014  

By hook or crook they will try to prevail in dynasty,but God only knows the result.Thank you for the info.