07 January 2014

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Congress hires Dentsu India for Rs. 500 Crore to change image of Rahul Gandhi

Congress hires Dentsu India Japanese firm for Rs. 500 Crore to change image of Rahul Gandhi

According to media reports and Hindustan Times  the Congress  party has paid a hefty some of Rs 500 crore to Dentsu India, the Japanese advertising and public relations company, and Burson-Marsteller, another PR firm for this purpose.

Congress party has roped in a Japanese advertising and public relations company, Dentsu India to give an image makeover to party's Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

The company has been asked to design an advertising campaign around the concept of 'empowering the common man'.

What this company campaign will do for Rahul Gandhi and Congress party

Hindustan times reported that the campaign will focus on portraying Gandhi as a young and vibrant leader who is striving hard to deliver the aspirations of the people

The project would include a string of ad and a short film based on Rahul Gandhi.

The campaign is also expected to show Rahul's tough stand on corruption apart from his views on GDP, inflation and job creation.

The party has asked the agency to exercise discretion while using the term 'aam aadmi'
As it stands for the name of the Arvind Kejriwal-led party, AAP.

PR Company will also take care of Rahul Gandhi's Twitter and Facebook account.
Burson-Marsteller, which has been hired by the Congress to revamp Gandhi’s image, is likely to handle Gandhi’s Twitter account and Facebook page.

It will upload pictures of his rallies, update status messages to create interesting debates and tweet on daily developments to ensure greater visibility on social media

This time congress party has woke up very late and now they have again made a mistake by hiring PR firm at the wrong time
On PR firm Congress party will spend Rs. 500 Crore
Common man of India cannot dream or write or count this big number

Congress party should have started with small budget and should have hired bloggers who support congress party

I am sure many would have did it free of cost

Other political parties will start to say and call Rahul Gandhi as Made in Japan 

I can only say that wrong time wrong decision it may back fire on congress party resulting in AAP member Kumar Vishwas defeating Rahul Gandhi

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

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DWei January 08, 2014  

I don't think this will really work but kudos to him for trying.

Renu January 08, 2014  

They cant change anything else..to image hi sahi:)

deeps January 08, 2014  

If they spend that much of money for common people things wud be much different

Usha January 11, 2014  

How paying 500 Crores to PR company will change Rahul Gandhi's image? Foolish decision. How come party leaders don't view this as waste of money.?