08 January 2014

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AAP office attack by Hindu group to create fear among citizens just a beginning

AAP office attack by Hindu group to create fear among citizens just a beginning Video

AAP member Prashant Bhushan expressed his feeling and opinion on Kashmir and AAP said that it is not the the vew of party it was immediately cleared by AAP but other political parties who are only used to do politics of caste, religion are trying to keep this issue burning

PTI reported that around 50 to 60 persons carrying flags came to the AAP office in Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh and threw stones at the office while shouting slogans.

The group involved in the attack reportedly identified themselves as the Hindu Raksha Sena, and said they had attacked the office on account of Bhushan's statements.

According to different media reports
Protesters belonged to Hindu Raksha Dal, Sri Ram Sena and Ghaziabad unit of Bajrang Dal

Hindustan times reported that "When Prashant Bhushan had said this earlier, I had beaten him up in his chamber as well. We can't tolerate this," said Vishnu Gupta, an activist of the Hindu Raksha Dal.

India is limited democracy here common man cannot freely openly tell his feelings to anyone reason is simple the organizations beat such people on camera as punishment for such crimes are nothing compared to crime

Beat someone and get a bail and again beat that same person like this law works

Law should be very clear, accused should be tried in summary trial, and case should be disposed of in one day as CCTV footage is present with police and media in such process

XYZ person or group attacks on office, CCTV footage available, check the footage and same day give the punishment of 100 Years to such criminals who create fear in the minds of common Indian citizens

Its indirect message to mass people, if you dare to do this or if you dare to join them you will be beaten by group of people

This is just beginning as we do not have law which can silent such organizations forever

Watch CCTV footage of Hindu Raksha Dal attack AAP office

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Wednesday, January 08, 2014

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रविकर January 08, 2014  

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