18 December 2013

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Why No Indian will complain to new Lokpal No complaints No Accused

Why No Indian will complain to new Lokpal No complaints No Accused

Do you remember in a high profile corruption case any politician got a punishment?

Do you remember any top class officer got the punishment for doing corruption?

Normally reason is Lack of evidence?

Investigating agencies can not get or find  a evidence 

Why you should never file a complaint to Lokpal?

Reason 1 –

If your  complaint is proven false or frivolous in such case you , a complainant will get a punishment of 1 year, Jail term of 1 year and fine of Rs. 1 Lakh

How many complainants you know they will have evidence with them before filing a complaint

Reason 2 –

Lokpal Bill says that
Lokpal shall order an investigation only after hearing the public servant.

This means that    first complainant will report a case of corruption to the Lokpal with all the information he has

After this Lokpal will invite the public servant and ask that public servant about the crime and he will give him all the details of the crime or corruption which complainant has given to Lokpal

Then that public servant may inform the others and the evidence will get destroyed
Files will get burned and there will be no crime

And complainant will face harassment, 1 year jail term and Rs. 1 Lakh as fine

Indirect effect of the above provision is that  if any Indian citizen wants to file a complaint to Lokpal he will need to possess documentary evidence or video or CCTV evidence only then  he will be able to file a complaint to Lokpal otherwise he will go to Jail

If a complaint does not have any evidence and he just have a little bit information which may lead to expose corruption in such cases he will not file complaint to Lokpal

Reason 3 -

CBI officers investigating cases referred by the Lokpal can be transferred without the approval of the Lokpal.

Such is the new Lokpal

Criminals won’t fear but the complainant will fear to report to Lokpal and he will think million times before reporting to Lokpal

Thus no one is going to file a complaint against any corrupt Babu as he the complainant will go to jail for 1 year for reporting corruption

This is one of the reason this new Lokpal is called as a Joke pal

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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रविकर December 18, 2013  

सुन्दर प्रस्तुति-
आभार आपका-

DWei December 18, 2013  

Those are really bold claims.

rudraprayaga December 19, 2013  

It is a 'jokepal' indeed.So the high executives' and the politicians'plan in scam will ride smoothly on Lokpal road.