17 December 2013

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Rajya Sabha Passed Lokpal Bill

Rajya Sabha Passed Lokpal Bill

Rajya Sabha, upper house of India passed the Lokpal Bill which is not powerful bill

Upper House accepted 14 amendments

Bill passed with 2 of three amendments from BJP 

Samajwadi party had staged a walkout in protest in opposition of Lokpal Bill

What happens next?

Now Lok Sabha will pass the bill

After that the bill will be signed by President of India and it will become a law

Then the law will be notified

Tomorrow it will be debated in Lok Sabha and will get passed in the Lok Sabha that is lower house

Anna Hazare realized that Indian politicians will never pass the Jan Lokpal Bill thus he accepted the Lok Pal Bill

Something is better than nothing hoping in future the bill will be improved but it will never happen in near future

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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deeps December 17, 2013  

is this the beginning of a change?

Destination Infinity December 17, 2013  

Good start, nevertheless. But for any real change to happen in this country, the attitude of the people should change - not just politicians.

Destination Infinity