16 December 2013

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List 18 Issues AAP Ask Congress accepts all 18 issues AAP to decide about forming Gov.

List 18 Issues AAP Ask Congress accepts all  18 issues AAP to decide about forming Gov.

BJP declined to form government citing lack of majority

AAP did not ask about support to BJP or Congress, But Congress offered support to the AAP

Congress had on December 13 submitted a letter to lieutenant governor Najeeb Jung extending "unconditional support" of its eight MLAs to Aam Aadmi Party.

After that AAP wrote letters to BJP and Congress asking them their views, support on 18 issues

BJP said they will not answer the letter send by the AAP

Congress said they support 2 issues and other 16 issues are administrative issues they does not need any support

Now AAP will meet and discuss the letter and tomorrow AAP will declare that they will form government in Delhi or not

In next 48 hours AAP will decide about forming government in Delhi or Not
First AAP leaders will discuss and then they will ask the people who supported them regarding this formation of government in Delhi or not 

In the history of Indian politics this has happened first time that parties are discussing on peoples issues and not about buying support of elected politicians.

Meanwhile, Lt Governor Najeeb Jung has written to the Ministry of Home Affairs saying he has recommended President's rule in Delhi and that the Delhi assembly be kept in suspended animation.

List of 18 Issued or Questions Raised by AK to Congress and BJP

The VIP culture should be stopped in Delhi. No MLA, minister or Delhi official will use a red beacon on their cars. Neither will they live in big bungalows nor take any special security.

Passing of the Janlokpal Bill, the same version for which Anna Hazare held fasts.

People will take decision directly in 'mohalla sabhas', which will be held in every locality and colony.

The AAP demanded complete statehood status for Delhi. Central government's hold on DDA and Police should end.

The party also demanded a special audit of all electricity companies in the national capital from the time these were privatised. The companies that refuse to participate, their licenses should be cancelled.

Electricity meters should be checked.

There is 220 litres of water available for every person daily. Where is it?.

AAP wants unauthorised colonies should be regularized. Thirty percent of Delhi's population lives in such colonies and these should be regularized.

The party demanded to know if the Congress and the BJP will support its decision to give clean and affordable 'pakka houses' (built up houses) to those living in slums.

It also sought their support to give regular jobs to those working on contractual basis.

It wants to give infrastructural facilities like roads, electricity, water and basic facilities to the ordinary trader.

AAP said it is against FDI in retail.

The party wants to provide facilities and subsidies to farmers in the villages in the national capital.

The party also demanded to know the Congress and BJP's stand on opening 500 government schools, stopping donations in private schools and making the fee system transparent.

The party said it wanted to open new government hospitals with better facilities.

It also wants to have special security units for women and wants all harassment cases to be tackled within three months.

It wanted to set up more courts and appoint more judges so that all cases are dealt with within six months.

The AAP wanted to know whether the municipal corporations of Delhi will support them on these issues.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

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DWei December 17, 2013  

I doubt they'll even listen to half of these.

Sandhya December 17, 2013  

I thought AAP will not go near Congress or BJP!

Gypsy Butterfly December 17, 2013  

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season:)!