15 December 2013

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AAP Manifesto Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Issues which AAP should take up

AAP Manifesto Lok Sabha Elections 2014 Issues which AAP should take up

AAP needs to contest all the election seat in Lok Sabha elections

AAP may lose majority seats but this will be beginning for the AAP to win Lok Sabha elections in year 2019

AAP needs to spread its wings like a hungry Eagle

AAP may win 100 or 150 seats in Lok Sabha elections nothing is impossible if done with honesty

Following are the issues which AAP needs to include in their 2014 Lok Sabha elections manifesto

Jan Lokpal Bill

Banning 500 and 1000 Rs Notes

Bringing economic reservation and scrapping caste and religion based reservation from India

Creating of more small states in India

More subsidy for Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Reduction in Use of Atomic Energy

Reduction in the number of laws
Today many laws are present which no one uses in India but still they are prevalent

Remove section 377 from Indian Penal Code

Declare J and K part of India cancel special status
Deletion of Article 370 from Indian constitution

Introduction of Right to Recall

Minimum wages act with strict punishment to employers

Computerization of Judiciary

12 –
Computerization of Police Department

Police Reforms as directed by Supreme Court of India

Introduction of law which will ban use of public money, tax payer’s money to build statue

If you love someone empty your own pockets and build a statue on private land not on a government land

Millions of kids sleep every day without having a single bread

Millions of kids do not have access to schools, good water, good food them how can one think of building statue using tax payers money


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Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Destination Infinity December 15, 2013  

I understand these are your suggestions to AAP. Good ones. Hope you have sent a mail to them, even otherwise I guess they will include majority of what you have mentioned here. Do you think they'll get 150 seats? If they do, the very backbone of our national politics maybe changed. For good.

Destination Infinity

SM December 16, 2013  

@Destination Infinity

Yes they are my suggestions