07 December 2013

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Chopper Scam India not interested to question middleman Guido Hashcke

Chopper Scam India not interested to question middleman Guido Hashcke know names of corrupt politicians

Honest Italian investigators exposed the Chopper Scam, chopper sale was beneficial for the Italian industry but still they went ahead and exposed the chopper scam

In this chopper scam the name of the middle man is Guido Hashcke

According to media reports from Italy, Mr. Haschke has claimed that 6 million euros were paid to air force officials and 8.4 million euros to the bureaucracy.
He claimed that politicians were also paid.

Mr Haschke is giving his statement to the court in Milan on his role in the chopper scam

In the last hearing, Mr Haschke had said that he had met former Indian Air Force chief SP Tyagi six to seven times while recounting his role in the scandal.

He said that there was a plan to divide a commission of 7 per cent of the worth of the deal with the three Tyagi brothers, cousins of then Air chief SP Tyagi.

The alleged middleman also recounted the various meetings at multiple locations between him and his accomplices in the whole episode in Rome and Dubai.

He said the 50 per cent of the total money was to be paid to the other middleman Christian Michel and the money to be paid was to be routed through the engineering services contract as part of the deal.

Currently Indian officials are present and as per NDTV our Indian officials were given a chance by Italian Court to question middleman Guido Hashcke but our Indian officials did not ask him anything

Indian officials needs to ask him the names of politicians who were involved in this case

Same happened in Bofors Case and no one got punishment , crime was happened and still we Indians do not know the truth

India needs free and independent CBI and Jan Lokpal Bill

Otherwise nothing is going to change

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Saturday, December 07, 2013

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rudraprayaga December 07, 2013  

Corruption-stricken India.Thank you for the info.