06 December 2013

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Actor Sanjay Dutt gets 30-day parole reason wife unwell but is she unwell

Actor Sanjay Dutt gets 30-day parole reason wife unwell but is she unwell

Bollywood super star Sanjay Dutt was convicted by a TADA court for illegally possessing a 9 mm pistol and an AK-56 rifle, a part of the consignment of weapons and explosives brought to India for coordinated serial blasts that killed 257 people and injured over 700 in March 1993.

He is serving 42 months jail term

In October 2013 Sanjay Dutt was granted parole for 14 days on account of medical reasons

On October 1, Sanjay Dutt was granted two weeks leave on medical grounds, which was later extended by another two weeks.
He returned to jail on October 30

Now once again Sanjay Dutt got the parole for 30 days citing wife illness as reason

The parole was granted after the Assistant Commissioner of Police Mumbai recommended granting parole to the actor.

Pune Divisional Commissioner Prabhakar Deshmush told to IBN that
Sanjay Dutt has been granted one-month parole on the recommendation made by the prison officials.
The date of his release on parole will be decided by them after completing the formalities

But media reported that wife of Sanjay Dutt is not sick

Now will they cancel his parole?

This is another example which shows that Indian laws are not equal , Indian laws keep changing as per the money power , chair power , muscle power of a person

If one will file a Right to Information application he will surely come to know that many parole applications of sick person get rejected by police as our laws are faulty and designed to help rich and mighty

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Friday, December 06, 2013

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रविकर December 07, 2013  

बहुत नाइंसाफी है-
बेचारे --
और भी वी आई पी है जेल में-

रविकर December 07, 2013  

संजय की मान्यता पर, दुनिया करे बवाल |
देखो अब धृतराष्ट्र का, आँखों देखा हाल |
आँखों देखा हाल, जब्त ए के सैतालिस |
सैतालिस में राष्ट्र, बन जाता खालिस |
सैंया भे कुतवाल, बात फिर कैसे भय की |
किये बाप ने पुण्य, जमानत हो संजय की |

rudraprayaga December 07, 2013  

Here law is made for common man only.Sanjay is guilty or not,he only knows.

Rama Ananth December 08, 2013  

Anything is possible if you have fame and fortune by your side. They really don't care, in pictures they will don really honest guy roles and in real life they would be real criminals.