31 December 2013

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AAP Arvind Kejriwal reduced electricity tariff by 50%

AAP Arvind Kejriwal reduced electricity tariff by 50%

The AAP government on Monday announced 20 kilo litres of free water per month
(approx 667 litres per day) for households having metered water connection, moving in on the first promise the party made to the Delhi electorate.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), in its election manifesto, promised to reduce electricity bills by half

Now Arvind Kejriwal has done it again fulfilled second promise

Delhi government to give subsidy

From 1st January 2014 the subsidy will get implemented
Delhi government will pay total Rs.200 Crore as subsidy
Rs. 61 Crore Delhi government and Rs.140 Crore will be recovered from two companies BSES companies as dues are pending 

50% power tariff cut to those households consuming upto 400 units

50% cut in two lower slabs , billing slabs

subsidy will help 28 Lakh consumers

Arvind Kejriwal told to media that Comptroller and Auditor General is willing to audit power distribution companies in Delhi.
All three companies should be given a chance to put their point of view.
The three companies have been give time till tomorrow morning to respond on the companies being put under audit. There is no stay on audit,"

Kejriwal requested for audit of power companies from the last 11 years for which team will be deputed. The sources refuse to give a specific time frame for the completion of the audit.

Once audit is over its possible that there will not be any need for subsidy

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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deeps December 31, 2013  

seems good things are happening...
happy new year

Destination Infinity December 31, 2013  

If other parties don't pick up cues from AAP, they may have to face a difficult situation in their own states. There is still some time :)

Destination Infinity

रविकर January 01, 2014  

हो जग का कल्याण, पूर्ण हो जन-गण आसा |
हों हर्षित तन-प्राण, वर्ष हो अच्छा-खासा ||

शुभकामनायें आदरणीय

Renu January 02, 2014  

I dont believe in the politics of freebies..there is nothing free in life..it should be always something for something.....instead of freebies they must concentrate on good administration...

Kirtivasan Ganesan January 02, 2014  

50% reduced tarriffs is for lower power consuming families.
If the whole India follow AAP guidelines, then poor will benefit and rich can pay and enjoy more. This is welcome.
Efficiency in working also needed. To me, this will mean applications over internet. So that any machine can connect from anywhere. Also Bitcoin legalisation.