16 October 2013

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Finland multimillionaire Anders Wiklof fined $130,000 for breaking speed limit

Finland multimillionaire Anders Wiklof fined $130,000 for breaking speed limit

A Swedish multimillionaire Businessman Anders Wiklof was busted doing 77 kilometers per hour in a 50 kilometers per hour zone — or about 48 mph in a 30 mph zone — when driving in Finland’s islands of Aland and has been fined $130,000 for speeding

Excellent example of law

Fines in Finland are issued based on the driver's wealth
its fully reasonable law to curb the crimes

More the money more the fine

This reform India also needs and every country needs this law

More the rich more the fine if you break the speeding

If he would have done same crime in Sweden he would have paid fine of $615

If suppose same crime happens in India, and case relates to a multimillionaire
No punishment and No fines

Nothing would have happened

Suggested Reform

Indian government should amend the law and bring the provision
Speed Breaking, Drinking fine will be charged as per bank balance and price of the car

Otherwise nothing is going to change in India

In 2010, Swiss courts fined a wealthy motorist, described as a repeat offender, £180,000 for driving his Ferrari through a village at 85mph.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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Usha October 17, 2013  

I like this law...I agree India need similar adaptations.