20 October 2013

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Filing FIR Charge sheeting Rich and Famous a necessity for India

Filing FIR Charge sheeting Rich and Famous a necessity for India

Corruption happens in India everywhere from a lanes of villages to lanes in Delhi, corruption is a way of Indian life

There are many types of corruption which includes political, industrial also.

Did you ever heard that XYZ employee of the company was fired by the company head or company bosses

For doing corruption?

Paying bribes to get the contracts?

Paying bribes to make illegal actions of company into legal actions?

When that employee does all those things for the benefit of Company, who profits, the owners of company, and boss, the CEO, CFO of the company

The employee benefits, he gets more bones, bigger pay packages, foreign tours and many other facilities

Do you think company bosses does not know their employees are doing corruption

Did you ever thought why the company bosses do not punish the employees who do illegal actions for the benefit of company?

The reason is simple the rich and famous company owners know that they will not be held responsible for the actions of their employees

It’s very rare in India that rich person gets any punishment

In India we have different set of implementation of laws for poor and rich

If you are rich you can get parole immediately and if you are poor you will not get a parole

If you are rich your parole and visa will get the extension if you are poor no visa extension and no parole

This happens everywhere and you and me we also do the same , If  rich man arrives all meetings get cancelled and when needy one comes , no one has time to attend them in officer neither staff or boss

Now when Rich People see that fire of corruption is reaching to them everyone started say investment will go away from India

I think India does not want investment let it go away, first we want honest India, with honesty and hard work we will move forward.

Honesty will never leave India but dishonesty will surely move out of India to more corrupt nations, poor nations or China where labor laws help the company make more profits.

When FIR is filed by CBI, it does not mean that rich and famous person has done the crime.

We must assume that the rich and famous person is innocent and wait for the verdict of Courts.

Let the CBI and Police do their job and make them more responsible by giving them full freedom

Don’t bring pressure on CBI and Police when they target or go after Rich and Famous.

When Rich and Famous people of India will face the fire of corruption, then we will get to see positive effect, they will become more strict in their company, they will see that honest employees will be given, offered good positions, they will instruct their Human Resource Department not to hire the persons who are involved in corrupt practices and they will be instructed to punish employees who will try to get the government contracts by paying bribes

India needs to send a clear cut message to all over world that
India got equality of law between rich and poor
If you are rich does not mean you can allow your employees to do corruption
And you will not be charged for that
In Bhopal Gas Case India made mistake
Still we Indians are behaving same way

Rich = not guilty

Remember Filing FIR does not make any one criminal

Let the Court do its duty

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

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Destination Infinity October 21, 2013  

Generally, employees in such organizations are BAKRA. Dummy. They are totally controlled by the top-management, but to the outside world, it appears as if everything is done by the employee.

Destination Infinity