02 October 2013

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Story of Ordinance,Bill which gave protection to corrupt withdrawn by Govt

Exclusive -Story of Ordinance and Bill which gave protection to corrupt Now withdrawn by Government

Supreme Court of India said that convicted politicians will get disqualified
After that majority political parties came together, drafted a bill to save corrupt and convicted politicians
Even BJP supported the bill, then bill was sent to the committee
India and Indian citizens felt helpless
AAP was always against this bill and ordinance

As all parties were united on the bill which protected corrupt and convicted politicians government went one step further
Government brought the ordinance to save the Lalu and future corrupt politicians.
Until now BJP realized that they will lose the votes and AAP a rising party will get votes

And Suddenly after AAP, BJP said the Ordinance way is an unconstitutional method to bring an Ordinance as there is no emergency
But Government did not bother about it and the bill was sent to President of India

But our current President Pranav Mukherjee did not sign it
I think he must have called the Rahul Gandhi and gave him advice to scrap the bill as well as ordinance as its Nonsense Bill and Ordinance.
Suddenly Rahul Gandhi realized the importance and he came uninvited or planned way whatever way he came and said cancel the Ordinance, throw it away
Gandhi had termed the ordinance cleared by the Union cabinet "complete nonsense" and one that should be "torn up and thrown away".

After days of high drama, the government on Wednesday decided to withdraw the controversial ordinance and a related bill in Parliament designed to shield convicted lawmakers.

A good decision by him and Congress.

For India who said what is not important, important part is now Congress has decided to cancel bill and ordinance

The Congress-led UPA's allies including the Samajwadi Party, Nationalist Congress Party and the National Conference, however, expressed displeasure
Our President is intelligent he saved the India, Indian citizens, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress Party from passing the nonsense Bill and ordinance which have encouraged corruption, which have protected corrupt and convicted politicians

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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

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