16 August 2013

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U- 2 Missions India agreed to allow US to use Indian Air Base to Spy on China

U- 2 Missions India agreed to allow US to use Indian Air Base to Spy on China

The independent National Security Archive a report based on the latest set of declassified documents it obtained from the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act says that
India allowed the United States to use one of its air bases for refueling the American Central Intelligence Agency’s U-2 spy planes to target Chinese territories after its defeat in the 1962

According to a newly declassified CIA history of the U-2 programme obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by National Security Archive, it was the secret flights made by these U-2s aircrafts by the CIA, which informed New Delhi about the nature of Chinese incursions inside Indian territory.

The United States had provided photographic coverage of the border area to India for two reasons, the report said.

“First of all, US policymakers wanted a clear picture of the area under dispute.
In addition, the intelligence community wanted to establish a precedent for over flights from India, which could lead to obtaining a permanent staging base in India for electronic reconnaissance missions against the Soviet ABM site at Saryshagan and photographic missions against those portions of western China that were out of range of Detachment H

Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru approved over flight by U-2 missions covering the border areas with China on November 11, 1962

The use of Charbatia, an abandoned World War II base in Orissa, was agreed during a meeting between the then US President John F Kennedy and Indian President S Radhakrishnan on June 3, 1963,

But as per Indian working methods  and working styles  Indian work to improve Charbatia, an abandoned World War II base in Orissa took longer than expected,
So the missions resumed from Thailand's Takhli, NSA said, based on the 400-page CIA report released by it.

Now one has to think why India failed to complete the work on Charbatia, an abandoned World War II base in Orissa

Following are guesses why India failed

1)Lack of technology to complete work

2)Did not received kickbacks, corruption money

3)Fear of China

4)Lack of political will power

What your heart says

Still in India Thinking is not crime

Reality views by sm –

Friday, August 16, 2013

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Kirtivasan Ganesan August 17, 2013  

My heart says, Indian military is strong and takes photos at ground and sends them to authorised people as per commander head directives.
Indian military knows that corruption is wrong of businessman and politicians.
India is scared of China sponsored Pakistan activities. Indian military is alone and has to take two enemies.
Indian military say that Indian men doing very little effective work and do not get claps of politicians.