24 August 2013

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Reveled Rs.44, 000 Crore Fruits, grains and vegetables wasted each year in India

Reveled Rs.44, 000 Crore Fruits, grains and vegetables wasted each year in India

In upper house food, processing industries minister Sharad Pawar said the annual wastage of fruits and vegetables was estimated at Rs 13,309 crore. If wastage of rice, wheat, cereals and others was taken into account, it would increase to Rs 44,000 crore

Fruits, grains and vegetables worth Rs 44,000 crore are lost every year due to lack of adequate storage infrastructure

Pawar said the panel indicated that the country needed 61.3 million tonnes of cold storage against the present capacity of around 29 million tonnes.

Food minister K V Thomas said total covered storage capacity for food grain available with Food Corporation of India (FCI) was for 355.19 lakh tonnes.

Reality views

But still our government does not distribute them free of cost to poor Indian citizens.

If they will do it then what will happen?

Loss to traders or what is the reason government does not distribute food to poor citizens of India or Africa or Pakistan or any other country.

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

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MEcoy August 24, 2013  

people better do something about it coz we'll never know what may have happen

Rajesh K August 24, 2013  

Once the food is rotten (and not fit for consumption), it is possible to generate energy using them. Government or even market associations/individual vegetable shops could explore this option.

Biogas plants are cheap to set-up and easy to operate - one can get both cooking gas and electricity out of them.