16 August 2013

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List of 18 Navy personnel who were on INS Sindhurakshak

List of 18 Navy personnel who were on INS Sindhurakshak

The INS Sindhurakshak had been returned by Russia less than a year ago after a major refit which cost India nearly Rs. 480 crore.

Indian Navy has 14 submarines of which only seven to nine are operational at any point because of regular repair and refitting operations.

The Indian Navy on Thursday released the names of the 18 men who were present in INS Sindhurakshak, the submarine that exploded on Wednesday.

The personnel include 3 officers and 15 sailors

The crewmembers are yet to be "sighted or recovered" by the team of navy divers who are struggling to raise the vessel.

Below is the list:


1)Nikhilesh Pal

2)Alok Kumar

3)R Venkitaraj


1)Sanjeev Kumar

2)KC Upadhya

3)Timothy Sinha

4)Kewal Singh

5)Sunil Kumar

6)Dasari Prasad

7)Liju Lawrence

8)Rajesh Tootika

9)Amit K Singh

10)Atul Sharma

11)Vikas E

12)Naruttam Deuri

13)Malay Haldar

14)Vishnu V

15)Seetaram Badapalli

The delay in finding our Navy men clearly shows that India needs to provide them more training what to do in such tragic events and how to find them quickly?

TOI reported that Defense analysts said the Navy's rescue and salvage effort is proceeding slowly because it lacks expertise in conducting such an operation.

"The procedure is hampered by lack of divers who are equally skilled in using gas cutters or other machinery required to break open jammed hatches,"

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Friday, August 16, 2013

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Sandhya August 16, 2013  

Hope the mistakes do not repeat in the future. condolences to the family. Prayers.

MEcoy August 17, 2013  

so tragic it sure is