25 July 2013

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Pakistan Bans Josh Condom Advertisement Watch the Josh Condom AD

Pakistan Bans Josh Condom Advertisement Watch the Josh Condom AD

Josh Condoms is an initiative by U.S.-based non-profit organization, DKT International, which provides contraception and HIV/AIDS awareness in developing countries around the world.

Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued a letter Tuesday forcing TV networks to remove the ad for “Josh” (“Strength”) Condoms from their programming immediately.

In the letter, PEMRA called the ad “indecent,” reprimanded the networks for running it

The banned advertisement depicts a newly married couple, and a seemingly average-looking groom gloating about snagging “super-model” Mohammad for a wife.
The secret to his success, the groom claims, is the brand of condoms he uses.
The advertisement does not show any nudity

According to the United Nations, only 27 percent of Pakistan's people have access to birth control.

Actress and TV host Mathira Mohammad told to media that I did not do this ad for the money. I did it because Pakistanis need awareness. Sexual education is compulsory for kids all over the world, but not here. They need it to avoid being harassed

Mathira host a television show which touches the topics which are taboo in Pakistan example sexual topics program name is Love Indicator

There is no need to ban condom advertisements
nothing is vulgar in this Josh Condom ad.

Josh Condom Advertisement Watch Josh condom advertisement banned in Pakistan

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

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DWei July 26, 2013  

Well people can just go on the Internet to watch this stuff.