17 June 2013

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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar says bye to BJP Sacks all BJP Ministers

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar says bye to BJP Sacks all BJP Ministers


The BJP-JD (U) alliance ended on Sunday
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar sacked all BJP ministers in his Cabinet [11]

Nitish Kumar told that he is ready to prove his majority in Bihar assembly on Wednesday.

Now BJP got only two friends
Shiv Sena
Akali Dal
MNS [Unofficial]

JDU did not like that BJP made Modi as chairman of the electoral campaign committee of the BJP for 2014 lower house elections.

Now BJP is free to announce CM Narendra Modi as PM Candidate for 2014 elections, which will happen in next few months.

Bihar assembly position
Total seats: 243 Half way mark: 122

JD(U): 118

BJP: 91

RJD: 22

Cong: 4

LJP: 1

CPI: 1

Ind: 6

Now who will benefit from this divorce?

This opens the doors for political parties to buy the votes of MPs  the one who pays more remains in power and then looting of Indian citizens starts  and grows

Narendra Modi will benefit lot
Now he is free to hit fours and sixes in each direction.

In Bihar BJP may get more seats and Nitish Kumar will realize he made mistake by declaring divorce.

You like it or not

No one in India is as popular as CM Narendra Modi

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Monday, June 17, 2013

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MEcoy June 17, 2013  

another great post sm

Renu June 18, 2013  

I love it that NaMO is popular..he deserves it and Nitish bharwaj has started alienating his fans..

DWei June 18, 2013  

It's about time.

Kirtivasan Ganesan June 19, 2013  

Old should not cut hopes of young. Young only wants guidance.
Hope Nitish plays a larger role than small politics.