08 May 2013

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Supreme Court Orders Government Make CBI Independent else in next hearing Supreme Court will do it

Supreme Court Orders Government Make CBI Independent else in next hearing Supreme Court will do it

Now it is very clear and established fact that CBI is not independent agency.

Anyone who says CBI is independent agency is an uneducated Indian or maybe he is a corrupt Indian who does not want CBI to be Independent investigative agency.

The Supreme Court of India told to government or ordered to government or asked to the government to bring a new law for ensuring the CBI's independence and to insulate it from external influence.

Supreme Court bench said that
"We would like the law to be in place before the next date of hearing on July 10.
We know that Parliament will not be in session, but there are ways to do it,"

"The golden day would be if the law is in place and we hope this to be before the next date of hearing,"

Apex Court said the "first task to be undertaken", in light of the events taking place, is to ensure the independence of CBI

Supreme Court bench said that
Does CBI interact or interrogate?
Is it some collaborative effort?
There is no question of interaction.
The question is that you seek some information and the ministry and the department is bound to supply documents.
There is no question of interaction but interrogation,"

Henceforth, the CBI director shall ensure that in the matter of inquiry and investigation of allocation of coal blocks, no access of any nature is provided to any persons or authority, including the minister of concerned department, law minister or any other central minister, law officers, CBI counsels, director of prosecution or any other person outside the investigation team,"

The CBI team investigating the case will not change without the permission of the court
The agency will approach the bench if it required the assistance of any outsider

It also directed that CBI DIG Ravikant Mishra, who was initially a part of the investigating team but had moved to the Intelligence Bureau, be repatriated

Supreme Bench said that
The latest events show that CBI has become a caged parrot, speaking in its masters' voice.
It is a sordid saga that it is one parrot with many masters.
It is very strange that instead of interrogating them, it was busy interacting with the officers of the coal ministry and the Prime Minister's Office.
CBI should know how to stand up to all pulls and pressures.
Yours was an act of indiscretion

Let us hope Supreme Court of India in next hearing will make and declare CBI an independent agency and will declare politicians have no right to order or check and control CBI or transfer any CBI officials without the court orders  or can transfer them as per regulations in place.

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