01 May 2013

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Confirmed CBI is owned and controlled by Government CBI is a part of government not independent investigative agency

Confirmed CBI is owned and controlled by Government CBI is a part of government not independent investigative agency

CBI chief Ranjit Sinha told to media that

CBI the agency was not an "autonomous organization

he had not shown report to any outsider but to the law minister of the country

I am a part of the government

I am not an autonomous body

I have not shown it to any outside person

I have shown it to the law minister of the country

This case proves that no politician fears the Supreme Court of India.

How can anyone dare to lie before Supreme Court of India?

Supreme Court of India needs to send the politicians and government officials to the Jail for 10 years  who do the contempt of court.

Its seems only common citizens of India are afraid of Contempt of Court.

Now Indian politicians are planning to change the appointment procedure of Supreme Court Judges  and then Supreme Court judges will become a part of government obeying law ministers and politicians.

Why we must respect this CBI chief because first time showing honesty he has accepted before the citizens of India and Supreme Court of India that CBI is not an "autonomous organization, is not an independent investigative agency.

So do not listen to anyone Support Jan Lokpal Bill and vote for the only party which promises to bring Jan Lokpal Bill.

On Tuesday, Supreme Court of India said that

Even 15 years after it gave a judgement in the Vineet Narain case to insulate probe agencies from external influences, the issue is "really more serious" as CBI is still not out of control of political and executive bosses.

We have to liberate CBI from external influence so that we can completely take pride in CBI investigation

We have to insulate CBI from political and any other type of interference.

We have to undertake this exercise so that this premier organization restores its position of impartiality

CBI has to be impartial, free from extraneous consideration and sources and political influence
Further the SC order says, In the affidavit now filed by the director, CBI on April 26, 2013, it is stated that the draft of the status report dated March 8, 2013 was shared with the 
minister of law and Justice as desired by him prior to its submission before this court
and it was also shared with joint secretary level officers each of the Prime Minister's Office and the ministry of coal as desired by them but nothing has been said in the affidavit whether or not changes were made in the draft report and, if yes, at whose instance and the extent of changes and whether besides the three persons mentioned in paragraph 4 of  the affidavit, the draft report was shared with any other person in that meeting

Do you think they are trying to save PM MMS  or big company owners who do the business in mines sector.

Let us hope in next Court Case  hearing Honorable Supreme Court of India will rule that
No elected politician or law minister has right to check any file from CBI office.

Law Minister of or any elected politician can check the CBI files or drafts only after getting the order, a written permission from the Supreme Court of India.

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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

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