26 May 2013

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Comedy Central TV Channel Banned by Indian Government Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Comedy Central TV Channel Banned by Indian Government  Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B)

Indian government Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B) banned the
Television channel Comedy Central In effect from Saturday for 10 days on any platform across the country.

As per Government thinking two shows on the channel,
Comedy Central Presents and Popcorn, telecast in July and August 2012 respectively, violated the programming code of the Cable Television Networks Regulation Act, 1995.

The ministry had ordered the channel on May 17 to go off air from May 25 to June 4 for telecasting “obscene dialogues and vulgar words derogatory to women” on May 26, 2012 in a programme titled 'Stand Up Club' and on another programme titled 'Popcorn' on July 4, 2012.

In last July Government issued a show  cause notice to comedy central channel on grounds that it telecast a show — in which a man performed stand-up comedy with “suggestive gestures” — that “offends good taste or decency,” was “obscene” and “denigrates women.”

In show, titled Popcorn, on July 4, 2012, the channel showed some members of the crew playing pranks in public.

They performed acts taking passers-by with surprised who were unaware of the hidden camera that was capturing the whole scene.

During the programme, one of the crewmembers was shown standing opposite a wall, in a shop holding a pair of fake legs against his thighs in his hands and making suggestive movements similar to having sex.

The Ministry and Government did not like it.

The Ministry held the visuals violated several programming code provisions and issued a second show-cause.

After that Channel went to High Court

On Friday, the Delhi high court dismissed a Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd plea against the government decision

I do not think both shows were obscene, it is just a one type of comedy one can say comedy using sex.

Indian government needs to ban the politicians fighting in parliament and should make a law any politician who fights in parliament or state assembly for what so ever reason will get banned forever from  contesting any type of public or private elections forever until death.

If you do not like it do not watch it Remote is in Your hands.

But India is limited democracy so we got limited freedoms, freedoms which are right and good as per politicians.

This sends hidden message to other news channels showing the power of the government.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

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MEcoy May 26, 2013  

they should have been more sensitive on their program

Rama Ananth May 27, 2013  

The government has nothing better to do, where do they get time from all the corruption schemes to watch TV and that too Comedy Central. I like that channel. It shows they don't have any sense of humor.