24 April 2013

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Maharashtra Mumbai Lost Data of three lakh applicants for UID Aadhaar card Enroll Again

Maharashtra Mumbai Lost Data of three lakh applicants for UID Aadhaar card Enroll Again

TOI reported that the Maharashtra government has admitted the loss of personal data of about three lakh applicants for Aadhaar card

The data mostly belonged to applicants from Mumbai.

An application for Aadhaar card requires

PAN details

proof of data of birth and residence, telephone bill or ration card or passport copies

iris images

biometric data

if preferred, bank account numbers

If same thing would have happed in America
How much fine state would have paid to each American Citizen?

But India is a limited democracy so Indian citizens will get nothing , even if they get they will get 5 or 10 American Dollars that also after spending few Dollars.

Pan Card details and proof of residence is required to get the SIM card and that SIM Card if such data goes into wrong hands those people can get the SIM Cards and those SIM Cards may get used to do illegal activities or terror activities.

Iris images & biometric data are identification forms.
They can be used to create fake identities

The data of applicants which contained PAN number biometric information, the form contains the column for bank details, if anyone has written bank details in the form
was being uploaded by the state information technology department from Mumbai to the central Bangalore server of the Unique Identification Number Authority of India when it got "lost".

While the transmission was in progress, the hard disk with the data crashed. When the data was downloaded in Bangalore, it could not be decrypted

It takes nearly four months to generate the Aadhaar card.
The applicants who have not received their cards will have to first verify from the e-Aadhaar portal  if their number has been generated If it is ready, the card can be downloaded from anywhere.

Applicants will have to apply again only if their number has not been generated

Link to check verify Aadhaar Card Generation Number

The loss came on top of thefts of laptops with UID data from Mumbai.

Do you think this shows the carelessness of few people?

How can a laptop is stolen?

How can a Hard Disk is damaged?

Do you think they were using faulty HDD and corruption happened?

UID Aadhaar card is a necessity

I do not know how much UID card will be helpful to citizens of India except LPG gas connection,

However, in future this data will be very useful for

Spying on citizens

Useful for spying on employees

Useful for court cases

Useful for enemy nations

Useful for marketing companies

Useful for political parties and harass  the citizens

Hope Government of India will take necessary steps and see that this will not haven in future.

If no one gets punishment, I am sure this will keep happening and one-day data may get into the hands of enemy nations.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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DWei April 24, 2013  

Unbelievable. Who even hired these people?

Usha April 24, 2013  

Shocking and hard to believe that laptops got stolen and hard disk crashed. Don't they transfer daily collected data to safe computer in proper office?

deeps April 24, 2013  

haha... thats our country...