07 April 2013

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Know 11 Points Mantra to make India a corruption free society and nation

Know 11 Points Mantra to make India a corruption free society and nation

Following is the 11-point mantra if we all Indian citizens follow it India will automatically and slow transform into a corruption free society and nation

Do not watch Cricket Matches

Do not watch IPL

Stop using sugar , buying sugar, or reduce the consumption of sugar
More than 90% sugar mills are owned by politicians.
When we buy the sugar, we make the politicians rich and one can win elections if he is rich.

Learn to vote, go to vote , vote for new political parties
Vote for AAP , Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare , General VK Singh
Vote for any political party, which says we will bring Jan Lokpal Bill

For simple government works do not pay to agents who by paying bribes get the job done , Pay to   your driver or anyone whom you trust pay him extra money for his time  and get the job done legally without paying bribe to government officers

For holidays never ever visit tax heaven nations or where one can keep his black money

Stop using currency notes of 500 or 1000 or if possible avoid them

Do not talk or discus or waste time on the useless comments made by one politician regarding another

Understand they enjoy their freedom of speech
let them say to each other whatever they want

We as Indian citizens should stop discussing their comments.

We should learn to ask about  what happened in xyz corruption case, on which stage the case is?

We should discuss about real problems and not the fake problems like comments of politicians on each other.

Example Honeybee and mother or five seats or 16 seats

Demand only economic reservation everywhere
Economic reservation will benefit 100%  Indian poor citizens not to only particular caste or religion

If possible file the complaints against government companies or private companies for lack of services
Educate each other regarding this

If you do not want to file court case it is ok but when you discuss be open and say truth people may laugh on you but remember they laugh on themselves because what the  problem faced by you is faced by them also and they laugh to hide their own weakness.

One needs courage to speak truth.

Never ever vote for political party, which wants a religious country and religious laws
Support democracy and human rights
Say no to religious parties and their religious agendas

If XYZ service is bad say it openly

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Sunday, April 07, 2013

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MEcoy April 07, 2013  

another great post sm

Kirtivasan Ganesan April 08, 2013  

Why waste ME time. In city labour slavery should stop.
That's tearful. That's fearful.

rudraprayaga April 09, 2013  

Yes, implement economy-based reservation and avoid benefits-religion based. All the points worthy provided,they are practised.

rudraprayaga April 09, 2013  

All the political parties are religion-oriented.Those who claim to be secular, are more religion-sided.And regional parties oppose only in the assembly as well as in the election field.In currency and corruption they share mutual understanding. Common people play a donkey-game.