04 April 2013

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AAP Members to restore electricity water connections from April 6

AAP Members to restore electricity water connections from April 6

We will restore electricity and water Connections from April 6th: Arvind Kejriwal -- Shiela Dikshit Government’s duplicity on CAG Audit of Discoms

As Arvind Kejriwal’s fast to unite people against illegitimate electricity and water bills in Delhi entered the 12th day, the next level of the Civil Disobedience Movement was announced here in Sunder Nagri today.

As the number of protest letters addressed to Sheila Dikshit approaches the 10-lakh figure, the campaign to restore electricity connection to households whose connection had been disconnected would be intensified from April 6th onwards.

On April 6, 1930, Gandhiji completed his Dandi Yatra and broke the salt law by making salt from seawater thereby launching the Civil Disobedience movement.

On the same day, Aam Aadmi Party volunteers would go door-to-door restoring electricity connections of poor people in Delhi.

Addressing the gathering in Sunder Nagri, Arvind Kejriwal said “April 6, 1930 me Gandhiji ne namak kanoon toda tha, unhi se prerna leke maine ye Asehyog Aandolan shuru kiya. Abhi tak hum logo ke dastakht karva rahe the, 6 April se hum ek kadam aage badhenge. Main Delhi ki janta se appeal karta hun ki puri Delhi me jaha jaha domestic connections kate hai, karyakarta ek ek gali me jaaye aur connections jode.”

Challenging Shiela Dikshit, he said, “Jin jin garibo ke gharo me Shiela Dikshit ne andhera failaya hai, un sabhi ke gharo me jaake roshini failayenge. Shiela Dikshit ko main ye challenge karta hun ki jitni apni police ki force hai utni laga do, har gali me unhe tainat kar do. Junta ab bijli jodegi.”

Explaining the significance of April 6th, Manish Sisodia said that in the 1930s salt was an essential commodity which was being used by Government and capitalists to earn profits. Like salt then, power and water in Delhi today have also become extremely essential commodities, which is being used by crony capitalists like Reliance to earn huge profits and the Delhi Government on its part is tight lipped after getting commissions.

Arvind Kejriwal said that around 9 lakh people have written to Sheila Dikshit saying that they would not be paying the bills, but the fear of disconnection of power-water supply has not been fully erased from their minds and hearts. He asked AAP volunteers to create a list of all those households whose electricity connection has been disconnected by discoms so far and intensify the campaign for reconnecting supply from April 6thonwards. Once we stand with people and connect their supplies, this would boost their confidence further to stand up against tyrannical law.

False Statements by BSES CEOs and Power Minister of Delhi

The Delhi Government and Discoms are together misleading people against Civil Disobedience movement and hiding the truth behind inflated electricity bills. In an attempt to discredit the movement, the companies have claimed that they have received 100% payments for the month of March. This seems next to impossible as no service provider gets 100% collections for its services – there is always a gap. Set aside our movement, even during normal time it is unlikely that these Discoms get 100% payments from consumers. We challenge these companies to disclose the figure of how many people have actually not paid their bills. This figure will reveal the actual impact of the movement.

The Discoms claim that they purchase electricity at higher prices due to which the price of electricity is high in Delhi. This is completely false. We challenge them to disclose the complete data of purchase of power for Delhi including from whom they bought electricity, at what rate, to whom they sold surplus power and at what rate? This data will reveal the truth behind this argument.

The companies have claimed that they are ready for CAG audit but there is no such law. This is also completely false as the law says that State Government can ask for a CAG audit.

For any organisation, which has substantial funding from the government, in this case 49% share in the discoms is held by the Delhi Government and they were given thousands of crores of free assets by the Government. Despite the DERC and the CAG itself recommending CAG audits of Discoms, the Sheila Dikshit led Delhi Government as refused to order that forcing RWAs to file a petition in the high Court for such an CAG audit. Infact, the Congress Spokesman Abishek Manu Singhvi appeared for Reliance to oppose CAG audit. 

Even the Delhi Government was tacitly supporting the discoms in this.

The CAG Act clearly mentions that, but the Government seems to be least interested. This means that there is collusion between Shiela Dikshit Government and Discoms. If the records are clear, then why are they afraid of getting themselves audited?

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Thursday, April 04, 2013

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Yeah, this is going to end well.

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Tyranny,dinasty and anarchy are the symbols Indian Governancre. Informative.

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