23 March 2013

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Maharashtra Bombay High Court finds Rs. 6000 Crore Scam in tribal welfare scheme

Maharashtra Bombay High Court finds Rs. 6000 Crore Scam in tribal welfare scheme

The tribal welfare scheme was implemented in 28 districts from 2004 to 2010 for the development of tribals.

The Central government released funds for tribal development, which was to be used for the scheme through the Ministry of Tribal Welfare.

It is being alleged that during when Vijay Kumar Gavit was the tribal welfare minister of Maharashtra almost Rs 12,000 crore was released out of which Rs 6,000 crore were siphoned off. Gavit is now Maharashtra Medical Education Minister.

RTI activist collected information and found corruption and filed a FIR
But Police did not find any evidence regarding corruption

After that He filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court requesting CBI probe.

The CBI preliminary investigation told the High Court that it appeared to be a huge scam and requested the court to set up a Special Investigation Team for probe

The CBI told to High Court that the scam is worth Rs 6000 crore.

After going through The Bombay High Court has found prima facie evidence of corruption worth Rs 6,000 crore in purchases of materials relating to tribal development schemes.

How scam happened?

Government forms show that  xyz tribal got the xyz help but in reality that tribal got nothing.

Just on papers in reality the poor tribals got the nothing.

Suggested Reform – Compulsory Video shooting of  help and uploading of that video on the internet.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Arti March 23, 2013  

There people seem to digest everything, money for the poor people who probably have nothing. Such a shame.

MEcoy March 23, 2013  

such a shameful doings

Saru Singhal March 23, 2013  

Sad, our country has a world record of having scams in very possible place you can think of. When will things change?