07 March 2013

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IBN Expose Rajasthan Sand Stone Mining Scam CM Ashok Gehlot Mining Contracts to relatives

IBN Expose Rajasthan Sand Stone Mining Scam CM Ashok Gehlot Mining Contracts to relatives


IBN Network exposed favoritism by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in granting mining leases to his relatives.
He allegedly even altered mining contract norms in 2012.

Ashok Gehlot is facing allegations of allotting sandstone mines around Jodhpur's 'Bada Kotecha' village, to his close relatives.

It is now alleged that in November 2012, the Gehlot-government changed the state's mine allotment norms to suit his relatives.

As per the changed conditions, the mines at Bada Kotecha could be allotted
Only to those who owned sandstone factories at Jodhpur's Mandor Stone Park.
Secondly, the minimum lease area that could be allotted was reduced from 5 hectares to just 1 hectare.

The new norms favored 37 of the original 87 applicants including 19 of Gehlot’s relatives.

50 Applications were rejected without giving any proper reason and law was twisted so that near once got the benefits.

Of 37 mines allotted there, 19 went to Gehlot's relatives at throwaway prices
Below is the list of Ashok Gehlot relatives who got mines.

Manjula Gehlot, wife of the CM's brother Agrasen,

Shalini Gehlot, his brother's daughter-in-law

Veena Kachhawa, wife of his nephew Jaswant Singh

Kailash Gehlot Petitioner told to IBN that
All the relatives got together and decided that they would acquire all the leases in the stone park.
Outsideres were moved away in various ways and Gehlot loyalists got all the leases.

TOI reported that Ashok Gehlot, however, defended himself and his relatives saying the decision to change the eligibility conditions for obtaining leases was taken by the state cabinet. "The cabinet has the power to take any decision, which cannot be challenged even in court," the chief minister said at a press conference soon after his budget speech.

In April 2011, also chief minister Gehlot was accused of nepotism and favoritism, as allegations surfaced that contracts worth crores of rupees were awarded to private companies that employed his son Vaibhav and son-in-law Gautam Ankhad.

Now in this case what will happen a committee will be constituted and it will end the probe.

We need to reform change the law and there should be only on method filing a Fir, registering police case and police will do their duty honestly.

India needs to scrap all the laws, which allow formation of committees and panels to probe corruption.

In India Politicians work for their family and friends and party and not for India

Thus, it is not new for Indian that politicians helped to his friends and relatives become rich.

Government needs legalize and declare that all government contracts will be given to family members and friends only.

If you are a company approach through them, do the partnership with the politician’s kids, family members, and friends, get the government contracts, and do the business.

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Thursday, March 07, 2013

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MEcoy March 08, 2013  

another scam huh, i wonder how many scam can there be

rudraprayaga March 09, 2013  

Today' cartoon in 'Hindu'very well depicts the scams.Nepotism and dynasty grow in this soil with no difficulty.The result is anarchy.

Poets wrote long poems about a light house on the King's demand. Kunchan Nambiar,a Malayalam poet wrote a humerous limerick 'Light house great wonder,we should also get money.'That is the condition now.