15 March 2013

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Full Details Cobra Post Expose - HDFC Bank, Case 20: N. Sharma, Manager, Jaipur, Rajasthan sting video

Full Details Cobra Post Expose - HDFC Bank, Case 20: N. Sharma, Manager, Jaipur, Rajasthan sting video

The Cobra Post reporter visits HDFC bank in Jaipur.
And he finds that Branch Manager N. Sharma receptive to the proposal that a certain politician wants to invest Rs. 50 lakh of black money.

The reporter tells the Manager that money is to be invested is in Cash.

Reporter again ask her can he get the locker to keep money inside that,

Then Branch Manager tells her it is against rules but they can do this for their customers.
I can allot a locker only to someone who is our customer. Opening an account is mandatory, and as for investment, we only do it for our customers. We do not provide investment advisory to parties who are not our customers. Anyways, you will have to open an account)

You will have to give a cheque for account opening.
You will have to give a cheque for initial account opening.
Tomorrow when your account becomes active, you can deposit cash in it. PAN card will be attached to it. Obviously,
I shall tell you that all these talks that we send the information are just talks.
This is not the case.
If you give your PAN card, then I will be able to accept cash deposit not more than Rs. 7–8 lakh a day. If you deposit more than Rs. 10 lakh then I will require papers declaring the source from where the money was received).”

Reporter asks her
What is the procedure to make the investment?

First, you open an account.
Tomorrow it will become active.
We will take cash deposits of Rs. 8 lakh for each of the three accounts, and your investment will start from tomorrow itself.
We will start with Rs. 24 lakh tomorrow.
The rest of the amount will be taken care of later on

Reporter asks her Can he put money in a locker.

Manager says that if she is asked she will say not allowed
what a customer does with the locker was none of her business.

[Do what you want to Do Don’t Ask Don’t Talk is it Hidden Message]

She tells the reporter that this is very small amount she has done handled much bigger amounts.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

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