15 March 2013

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Cobra Post Expose HDFC Bank Yadav, Deputy Manager (Retail), West Delhi Case 19

Cobra Post Expose HDFC Bank Yadav, Deputy Manager (Retail), West Delhi Case 19

Bank Name – HDFC
Location – West Delhi
Name – S Yadav
Post – Deputy Manager

Reporter visits to HDFC banks West Delhi and meets S Yadav.

Reporter tells to Yadav following
a politician wants to invest Rs. 50 lakh to make it white. Could he help?

Immediately Yadav tells two plans to reporter to convert black money into white money.

Plan no. 1 –
HDFC Crest.

Reporter says want to keep if confidential.

Then Yadav says that

Don’t fear like this.
We never share any information with anybody because this is the problem ... trust me, if you have even a single rupee in your account we won’t share anything about it with anybody because if we share the first casualty would then be my job
I will lose my Job  so don’t fear.

Reporter asks him

Would the cash be invested directly or would it be routed through an account? Has he ever facilitated such cash investments?

Yadav replies –

It will go through the account.
It has been 5 years. I do the same thing for all customers.
I assure you that I have dealt with many good customers.
Whether I am working here or somewhere else, trust me blindly.
Don’t take tension for it

Reporter Asks
Politician is expecting 5 to 7 Crore Rs. in month of February can he provide or give a locker to keep that money in locker?

Yadav says

You will get the locker, there is no problem.
Simply, start a relationship with us).
Everything will be there.
Our bank is there with you, always
Yadav does not have any problem either with helping to transfer some of the money to England. There is no problem
Not to worry

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Cobrapost Expose, HDFC Bank, Case 19

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Friday, March 15, 2013

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