15 March 2013

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Cobra Post HDFC Bank VP Singh, Branch Head, Central Bank Delhi Case No. 9

Cobra Post HDFC Bank VP Singh, Branch Head, Central Bank Delhi Case No. 9

Bank Name – HDFC
Location – Delhi
Name – VP Singh
Case No. - 9

Cobra post reporter visits to HDFC bank and meets VP Singh, Branch Head, Central Bank Delhi

Reporter ask  –
Amount Rs. 50 belongs to politician and want to invest in the name of the wife of the politician he is working for, in the name of the visitor himself and in the name of his wife
Politician should no way get identified

Singh Replies –
Singh asks is it black money or white money

I have a source.
No other bank does this but there is a bank, which helps, convert cash into DD.
I will give their contact and all other details.
They take Rs. 800 per lakh.
You don’t have to go anywhere.
I will manage everything for you.
Let me divide Rs. 50 lakh by three, which means three lots of 15 lakh each.
Now, I take 15 and will issue you a SAP product for which you will have to give 3 lakh annually for 10 years. I will also allot you a locker. Keep the cash in the locker

You can’t invest Rs. 50 lakh in one go
We will convert the cash into DD when we require it.
Your investment will be done in DD.
I will give you a locker where you can keep the cash
From the locker you can slowly transfer it into saving like around Rs. 40000–50000.
There is nothing like that.
You can transfer Rs. 2–3 lakh at a time, but not Rs. 10 lakh

Reporter -  Is it possible to send the black money to UK

Singh replies –
You can send up to $1 lakh a year. According to this your Rs. 50 lakh is used

After this Singh asks Maya junior official of the bank to show the locker.

Maya takes reporter to the locker room
Asks him do you want big or small locker which type of locker.

Reporter says big one to keep Rs. 5 or 7 Crore Cash

Maya says about currency note 1000 or 500 and says  both possible
Locker is big and specious.

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Cobrapost Expose, HDFC Bank- Case 9

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Friday, March 15, 2013
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