15 March 2013

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Cobra Post HDFC Bank S. Singh, Branch Head, Central Delhi Case No. 8

Cobra Post HDFC Bank  S. Singh, Branch Head, Central Delhi Case No. 8

Bank Name – HDFC
Location – Central Delhi
Name – S. Singh, Branch Head
Case No. - 8

Cobra post reporter visits to HDFC bank and meets S. Singh, Branch Head

Reporter ask  –
Friend of a politician who wants to invest Rs. 50 lakh of black money

Singh suggests the ways to reporter how to convert black money into white

Singh says
Black money will be routed through an account into investment by DD
And then the account would be closed, and any amount of cash would do

We will open an account,
We will deposit the cash in it.
Then we will make DD for any amount from the deposit and make an investment.
After that we will close the account.
We can close the account after a year

Locker to keep black money –

Singh says that
There are no lockers here.
First, account will be opened, then I will personally go there to get you one.
We have a branch in Rajendra Nagar, Sir.
We can offer you locker facility there, not of big size but medium.
There are five–six big lockers. You will get two

Reporter – In past handled such cases

Singh says that Sir, I have got cash deposits of Rs. 5 crore in Janakpuri and Rohini

Then he shows papers to reporter and tells him that
In this fund of ours, Sir, we received investments worth Rs. 498 crore.
This figure is up to November
If you are talking of Rs. 50 lakh, then it is nothing.
We will do it, no problem

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Cobrapost Expose, HDFC Bank- Case 8

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Friday, March 15, 2013
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rudraprayaga March 15, 2013  

Why is the God with the corrupt people and the straight forward ones suffer?India opens her eyes only to corruption recently.